WOYWW 174 – floor, actually….


Well I thought I would show you not only my desk, after my day of playing with the Spellbinder D-Lites

but don’t be fooled!  I am also showing you my floor UNDER my desk. Oh dear!

It’s been a bit frustrating, but Julia (no, not OUR WOYWW Julia, a Julia who commented a post or two previous) reported back to me that she had great success by scrubbing (not rubbing but REALLY scrubbing) Bounce fabric softener sheets on the die (and the paper) to cut the D-Lites.   She says “I took Bounce sheets & scrubbed them over base plate, cutting plate & the die, I put die through with only card & it cut like through butter, I did embossing & die cut lifted off die as it should, peeled off no bother!!! RESULT! I wondered if you could actually CUT with a Bounce sheet in place – shame I’ve run out! or I’d try it – but that will be an experiment for after my next trip to the store!
Very busy week and mostly what has been on my W has been on my Mac, working on sorting out the UKScrappers CyberCrop.  It’s our 10th anniversary one and looks like it will be a good one.  The classes are outstanding, if I do say so myself, and there are more than a few truly to-die-for projects.  But it’s been an amazing amount of work to get it all arranged.  If you fancy a jumpstart to your mojo, drop in on the 26th.  The classes are all gong to be downloadable as PDFs (which you will have to be a member to see) and I am really looking forward to doing a few myself.

Now I must carry on getting things arranged and we have to pop to skating today, then to DH’s office for a video chat with the Grandparents.  But I’ll hope to squeak in as many desks as I can before then!



29 thoughts on “WOYWW 174 – floor, actually….

  1. tee hee – the floor looks familiar to me too… the bits get stuck to my shoes/slippers/socks and I walk them all over the house! Like leaving a breadcrumbs trail!

    I’ve read your troubles with your dies – I can see how the tumble drier sheets would help – also, have you considered sillicone spray- the kind crafters companion do though… another thought is to wipe them with something that has been dampened with WD40 – that’s my ‘go-to’ solution for nearly everything… you’d be amazed at what it can do! Give it a whirl.

    good luck and Happy WOYWW 174
    Paula x x x (#131)

    • I think silicone spray or WD40 might be ok for cards but not sure about the archival qualities for scrapbooking – but perhaps worth a shot 🙂

      I did get a stainless steel shim from my mate who is a joiner. It’s just the right thickness to match up the pink embossing plate to the thickness of the base plate, so I have been using that combo along with the cutting plate and getting pretty good results. But I want to try a few more dies. Also MUCH better luck scrubbing the CARDSTOCK with the dryer sheet rather than the die. But it is clear that the gate, for example, has ONE line that will not cut, no how, no way. ONE line I can live with, but I think Spellbinders has some work to do on these before they release them again for sale! And providing a metal shim or metal plate, like Big Shot has, would seem a good tactic.

      Cheers for the tips!

      Mary Anne

  2. Ooh that fence is gorgeous and the Bounce tip is useful, too. Love your floor!!
    Sue x

  3. I love your big cutting board and that fabulous die cut fence. Seriousyl good. One area of creativity and art I cannot do! 🙂

  4. Those delicate intricate dies can be such a bear. Grrr…! I finally bought so thin metal shim device and that has helped but some dies are still insane. I’ve not tried the fabric softener sheet thing before so I can’t comment. I’ve been told to put wax paper in there and cut that along with the paper. I haven’t tried that either not having wax paper. The floor under my desk often looks like gerbils went on a rampage too.

  5. My floor looks like that all the time what with cotton threads cut off from stitching, small bits of fabric that ping off when snipped etc etc! It;s worth it though for that beautiful die cut fence – it’s so intricate!
    Hugs, LLJ #1 xx

  6. Waht a great post, I read the previous few before it too! Thanks so much for sharing! And your floor? Tis but a speck of dust! I should take a picture of mind mid project. What a mess! Comes from doing production sewing where everything went on teh floor for the swepers to sweep away!
    Have a great day! Ginny #106

  7. Great information, Mary Anne. I will give that dryer sheet idea a try! Thank you for sharing! Have a great week! Darnell #120

  8. Such cool little fence/gate pieces! 🙂
    Mary Jo #93

  9. The fence is beautiful and I cant wait to see what you do with it. Great idea about showing the floor, although my desk is clean, my floor is worse than your, now I have to get the hoover out. Great tip about bounce sheet and foil, I will be giving that a go. Tracey R ±93

  10. That die is lovely, we may hVe to investigate that. But first, we’re going to look at the UKS crop

    The bears @#75

  11. That’s a lovely die. I had similar problems with a fine doily a while back. I found that the metal plate or Cuttlehug makes a big difference. If you search for that you’ll find a YouTube video that is very helpful. I’m not crazy about using wax or baking paper because it can imprint the card surface, especially gloss card.
    The best result I’ve had is to anchor the die to the card with florist tape or masking tape and run it through the machine once, then turn it around 90 degrees and run through again. You can do it a third time if need be but then the cuts are well aligned and whole thing releases quite easily.
    Hope this is useful and not repetitious.
    Ros. #35

  12. I must try that idea with the bounce sheets – I have a couple of fine dies I rarely use as it’s so difficult to get the card out of them – thanks for the tip,
    Bernice #16

  13. Love the die, its is very ornate……love the clear desk followed by the floor ….so pleased you did photo of floor as well
    Jackie 15

  14. Actually my floor always is a mess! Love that die, can’t wait to get them here in the states! I use wax paper layer between die and cardstock and the die just slips out easily.

  15. Love the gate …and the tip too …I have not ventured into the ornate dies …infact I only have used the basic shapes. My mess ends up on the floor along with the fur tumble weeds …then out comes the hoover to suck it all up.xx#39

  16. The die cut gate is gorgeous…. trust woyww’s to always come up with some great ideas.
    Sandra @73

  17. hmmm…so are the sheets better than the freezer paper? i see you have the freezer paper I use with my fiddly dies and it seems to work ok!!! Have a great day! Trish #3

  18. All this information is new to me, foil, bounce sheets, now you have peeked my curiosity. I must investigate LOL at first I was thinking WT? and then it clicked. Ok brain in slow mow now. LOL

    Love the fence die, really nice.

    Eliza #55

  19. Love the die and have been catching up on your earlier posts. It’s a pain when they don’t cut properly but you seem to have it sorted now. As for the messy floor, I sweep all my little bits of rubbish on to the floor and then get the Vac out, much easier that way (and my table looks lovely and clean).
    Ann B

  20. just love the contrasting photos!! we all know nothing can be created without a bit o’ mess 🙂
    no. 12

  21. Your floor doesn’t scare me at all…it’s so much easier to pick up the floor than the desk…one quick bend to get the big bits and then the hoover….I guess becasue it’s a given that if it’s on the floor, it’s rubbish! I’m loving all your reesearch and cutting – you should flag your blog up to the C&C team.

  22. Your floor looks like mine! Actually I try to do things like this over my mat so I don’t have to go back to the house to find a hoover! Nice die though.

  23. We all end up with a floor scattered with confetti… the fence is so beautiful and crisp

  24. is Bounce the sheets you put in your tumble dryer? I have not seen them here…interesting concept!

  25. love the fence! I have used the bounce sheets and aluminum foil on my punches with a lot of success! They get dull and the foil sharpens them and the bounce lets them slide through like butter. Hope that the linky thing is up soon but will go down the list till then. Have a great day and thanks for sharing. Vickie

  26. I love that die cut fence, I did not know that spellbinders makes something like that. I will have to check it out. No number yet, but I was 16 or 17 in the comments section. I just clicked on your name to get here.

    • They do, but only just. 🙂 They were for sale on Create and Craft, a shopping channel, as a “World Exclusive” – but note my thought on THAT in the post! I think they wanted to release them to a “secondary” market FIRST, to see if there were complaints or returns, so they could sort them out before releasing them in the USA (their primary market, I suspect!)


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