WOYWW 174 – floor, actually….

Well I thought I would show you not only my desk, after my day of playing with the Spellbinder D-Lites

but don’t be fooled!  I am also showing you my floor UNDER my desk. Oh dear!

It’s been a bit frustrating, but Julia (no, not OUR WOYWW Julia, a Julia who commented a post or two previous) reported back to me that she had great success by scrubbing (not rubbing but REALLY scrubbing) Bounce fabric softener sheets on the die (and the paper) to cut the D-Lites.   She says “I took Bounce sheets & scrubbed them over base plate, cutting plate & the die, I put die through with only card & it cut like through butter, I did embossing & die cut lifted off die as it should, peeled off no bother!!! RESULT! I wondered if you could actually CUT with a Bounce sheet in place – shame I’ve run out! or I’d try it – but that will be an experiment for after my next trip to the store!
Very busy week and mostly what has been on my W has been on my Mac, working on sorting out the UKScrappers CyberCrop.  It’s our 10th anniversary one and looks like it will be a good one.  The classes are outstanding, if I do say so myself, and there are more than a few truly to-die-for projects.  But it’s been an amazing amount of work to get it all arranged.  If you fancy a jumpstart to your mojo, drop in on the 26th.  The classes are all gong to be downloadable as PDFs (which you will have to be a member to see) and I am really looking forward to doing a few myself.

Now I must carry on getting things arranged and we have to pop to skating today, then to DH’s office for a video chat with the Grandparents.  But I’ll hope to squeak in as many desks as I can before then!