Ornament Card

I was working on this the other day but got side-tracked by the embossing thing.  Just a quick idea for a card-with ornament. I am using a 4 x 6 card blank.

With a corner & edge punch combo, punch the corner and 2 or so inches of the sides – exactly how much will depend on your punch.

Cut that off.  Stick it to the card blank along the top edge.  I covered the blank with pretty paper first. Using a triangle or rule, cut thru all layers, leaving a V-notch in the top edge.

Assemble the ornament.  You can layer up as many circles as you like.  I used one of my toppers, and a couple of plain white circles.  The hanger is simply a strip of cardstock, folded in half, with an eyelet thru it.  But you can use spiked circles, glitter card, more layers, to make it more substantial…

Sandwich the hanger between the circles and add a bit of embroidery floss.  You want this to be a least  5 inches when looped thru the eyelet and knotted.

On the inside of the card, add adhesive to the area behind the V-notch. Make sure you leave the area at the bottom of the V clear! Cut a piece of cardstock from the top of the card to just below the V.

Lay the ornament on the front of the card, flipping the string over the center of the notch.  Leave it hanging down past the adhesive.  Stick the cardstock over the hanger. This will hold it in place, but leave it easy to pull out and hang on the tree!

Of course you could make more of the card, maybe adding a larger circle and a duplicate of the ornament topper (or another one) so when the ornament is removed the card still looks like a card!  But these would be a nice little extra for maybe a school friend – the kids could sign and date the back, for a nice little memento.

I’ve had a slightly simpler idea for doing this, with maybe a little less cutting, but I need to give it a go and see if it will work first, and if it does, I’ll share!


SDC66 – treat box coffin

I feel like it may take me a few tries before I feel like I hit my stride with the Stampotique challenges again.  While I’m pretty happy with this, I feel like I really need some new images to work with. LOL! Any excuse for a shop, I think.

I missed the combining-stamps challenge. although that seems to be something I d fairly often, like here.  I took one of the skeletons from the Halloween cube and replace BatBoy’s head.  I also used just the WELCOME plaque from the door stamp.  The coffin lid is a bit of card embossed with a folder with the high points brayer in Walnut stain and the fill-in with Vintage photo.  Of course I had 100 other ideas that I thought of aver I finished it. but I have so much going on at the moment I and leaving it as is.

The coffin is a template from Martha, here. (link corrected)

It’s hard to see but the wings are embossed with some glittery black embossing powder then smudged with Black soot.  I like the effect.

He looks appropriately spooky, I think!

One last angle….


WOYWW 172 – chaos, tidy and more!

Hello WOYWW-ers!  I do NOT know how it happens, but my tidy-up form last week didn’t last anywhere as long as I hoped.  See where I craft?  That little area of calm amidst the chaos?

That is because me desk looks like this!

DOH! But then I had another brief tidy-up so I could get out a layout I started at the crop on Saturday and want to finish! You can also see my recent Amazon arrival, Photo JoJo. Not even had a moment to flip thru it, but it looked promising enough to buy a used copy.

Oh, and I did carry thru with another thing I made mention of – getting the Cricut off the shelf and installed in a way I can use it whenever I want to.  That whole thing was more of a pain than I anticipated, due to a broken plug in the power strip, so that needed replacing too, which meant taking down ALLLLL the equipment to change it. But look! It’s like it was always meant to be there!

So now it’s time to pop round yours for a bit of inspiration!


Embossed Embossing

You may remember my glitter highlight card.  Well, I was considering that and thinking of a way to update it and my eye fell on my drawer full of WOW embossing powders.  I love them because they are so fine and the colours just wonderful.  I have one called Clear Gold Highlight that I really like but haven’t found the right project for it.  Now I have!It is not really much different to the brayer-on-glitter-gel technique except perhaps less messy and a step more.  Here is what you do –
Emboss your cardstock.  as with the glitter gel you want a nice overall pattern, not one that has bug gaps.  You want to use a good weight cardstock, so the embossing is quite deep.  I would say smooth card is best, too, rather than textured.
Now load your brayer with Versamark, or other clear embossing ink.  Try to hit just the high points – you can do this easily working on a hard surface, or by leaving the card IN the folder, so the high points are supported by the folder and stay rigid.
Sprinkle on the embossing powder.  You should get it clinging to the raised bit, but if you do get a smidge in the dips either don’t worry about it and call it grunge (and later you will see a way to mask this a bit more) or whisk away the worst of it with a little fine tip paintbrush.  Heat emboss. Cool, hummm?
Check out the sparkle on that gold highlight powder!Now, about the hiding of stray glitter.  Since it is embossed and the powder set, you can smudge over it all with Distress ink than lightly buff the embossed part to bring back the shine.
This Olive is matt, rather than super-shiny – love that look.
and now to tie it all n with my printables (keep in mind the embossing folders don’t QUITE fit a 4 x 6 card blank – you can add a mat to make up the difference or, as with the Santa-suit card, split the piece and mask the gap with a strip of cardstock or ribbon) :
This one has no DI added, and I did think (as I type) that a spritz of some pale glimmer mist over all might look quite pretty.  Have to give that a go ….

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BIG CARDS – Jack of Hearts

Almost forget to add this!

I wanted to do one of the masking tape backgrounds, but I couldn’t find the tape roll.  It’s here SOMEWHERE but I just can’t lay my hands on it.  Instead, I thought I would try using book papers to cover the cardstock base.

I smudged on some Barn Door and a bit of Rusty Hinge, then had a play with my Twinkling H2Os and a stencil.  I can’t really explain it, but it gives a different look to glimmer mists – more defined, maybe? more dimensional?

I used my heads-in-the-washing-machine stamp, masking off the heads so I just got the scribbled circle.

And added a few bottle-lid circles and some sponge applicator dots.

and some funky letters.

Missing the Queen so on to the King next week and then back to black!


Christmas Cards from my printables

I only had time to make one original card but I’ve tried to show some others that are based on previous cards I’ve made, just to give you an idea or two – I was aiming for quick and easy, as ever.

First, one that is by no means a new Idea – I’ve seen 100 variation of the Santa-suit, as cards, tags, and even scrapbook pages.  But it is simple to make and looks cute.

All you need is a 6 x 4 card blank, a bit of red cardstock the same, and a strip of black and say 2 x 2 inch scrap.

I first stamped all over the red with a small pattern, then embossed it, but you could certainly streamline the process by just using plain red card. I also embossed the 1 inch strip of black, again, just for some extra texture but not a requirement.

Cut the scrap to about 1 x 1 3/4, round the corners and cut out the middle to leave a buckle-shape.  Swipe it with Versamark and emboss with gold.  Again, streamline by cutting the shape from gold card.

The standard embossing folder is not tall enough to cover the card from, so I sliced it across and used the belt to cover the gap.

Assemble it.  Easy peasy. Most of the topper circles would work with this design.

The blue snow-related ones work well with the glitter-highlighted card,

You could even go over some of the printed snowflakes with some blue Stickles to make it really sparkle.

Change the paper on this card and the ribbon colour and you can use some of them on it.

Cutting the Cheery Lynn die differently could make something a bit like a poinsettia, but that is probably too much work for  mass-production.

For the most basic card, easy and economical, just do this sketch – it is the most basic of layering but you can tart it up in lots of ways.

I have my BIG CARD nearly done for today, but rather than have this post wait a day, I thought I would add it first, then carry on with the card and add it later.  I also have another idea for the printables that I need to work out.


Might as well share it on ScrapScene WIP


Sunday-right-here – Christmas circle printables

NOTE:  I did add a post with some samples here!

I can’t believe the number of people who are totally ramping up for Christmas!  I had thought to make some more simple printables and today I did. There is a whole sheet (should be fine on A4 or US letter) and while I have loads of ideas for simple cards you can make with them, that isn’t going to be accomplished today.  I have to take down my equipment so I can replace the power strip as one of the plugs on the old one must be damaged – I can’t get a plug to go in at all.  So bear with me – in the meantime you can play with them and see what you can come up with.

They are designed to punch easily with a thin border, using a 2″ circle punch.  Probably not going to work with a scallop or a spikey circle but I haven’t had time to test them.  When I do I may need to increase the size of the border so they can be punched or die cut with Nesties.

Some of them use lyrics from Christmas carols ( like Here comes Santa Claus, Glad tidings to you…, and Let It Snow) and some are more UK-centric (can my British friends, Slade fans or not,  hear Noddy Holder belting out IT’S CHRISTMAS! ? Or Greg Lake singing I believe in Father Christmas?) and some are just general Christmas or seasonal words, but all celebrate the season.

Some of them are more traditional Christmas shades of red and green, but as always it will very much depend on your printer and settings as to how they print.

Some could work as tags and I’ll do some samples of them when I get to the cards but NOW I have a lot of shutting down and unplugging to do….


Card (another challenge) and a temporary solution

So after doing the Stampotique challenge yesterday, I was checking out some of the other entries, and clicking links there, just having a bit of a hop from place to place.  I stumbled across this challenge and as it dovetailed very nicely with my thoughts on the Joy Fold cards standing up, I had a play.  SOOO many things involved – first, I had to unearth an old Zip-E-Mate my friend Lydia passed on to be, when I had no die cutting machine at all, and it worked perfectly to cut the shapes.  THAT means I can put off deciding about my GC replacement for a bit longer! Next, the card is not only shaped, but it is an easel card AND includes a gift card holder.  AND I dragged out my Cricut, fired up SCAL and made the joined up text because one thing I know for sure is my card sentiment stamps are RUBBISH.  Really.  Two sets of Papermania ones, too small, bog-standard, and clear stamps.  I saw some at a crop a few months back that I loved, but can’t recall who lent them to me, who made them, or anything much else about them! Hence cutting the sentiment.  Oh and the paper pad is textured so test stamping of anything came out a bit splotchy.

I started taking photos of the process but got distracted halfway thru so I guess I’ll have to make another one if I want to capture the process, although to be fair it’s not rocket science.  If you know how to make a Joy Fold, you can do this.

As you can see, the Joy fold smaller card is along the bottom edge

I started with an 8 x 8  kraft base and scored it at about 3 3/4 inches then creased and cut it with the Nestie off-center, so I got the folded edge and then both a flat and a shaped side – does that make sense?

The smaller “card” for the Joy fold is just another Nestie shape scored and folded in half. I cut some other graduated Nesties to decorate, some only because the cardstock was single sided, white on the back.  Using double-sided card means fewer layers. The first flip:

I thought carefully about the placement of the words.  I like that above you see it reads Happy Birthday to you and with the next flip it reads From Me to You – and here you can see the half-Nestie, stuck only on three edges, that form the pocket for the gift card:

Now, remember that little circle on the first flip?  That is stuck also only on the bottom half, and if you pull it forward and slip the flat edge under it you get the easel effect.

And finally from the side!

Just one last thing – I have SCAL, never updated my Cricut firmware so I can keep using it, and I found this little video by Dan99 really helpful.  Not exactly for the welding of the letters into a unit, per se, but just very informative in general for SCAL.  Having dragged out and set up the darn Cricut (need to find a permanent home for it, I think, but WHERE?) and struggled with too long between uses, where I forgot everything I knew about SCAL and the Cricut itself (like how the heck to you arrange things on the cutting mat using a cartridge? Can you??) I feel like I should be making better use of it regularly so it is easier when I want something done!

Now, shopping, crop packing, Drs. and a gazillion other things…


SDC65 – Color (mustard, orange and navy)

Blame it on WOYWW. While hopping across desks yesterday I spotted a Stampotique image.  Now, a while back I ALWAYS did the Stampotique Challenge.  I loved every project I made with them.  If we were going back to the States, or someone coming over, I took advantage of the free shipping deals within the US and got a LOAD of stamps at once.  But it’s been a while, and life got way too manic and I sort of let it slide.  But in order to link to something in my Stampotique Projects page, I had to look at them all.  It made me realize how much I missed the challenges – they really were just about the only ones I ever did.  I mean, I see some blogs where people do a card and include a list of all the challenges they are using it for.  I’m not that organized LOL!  THAT made me go look at the current challenge.  Which go me thinking about other cards I wanted to try making, which led me to the Joy Fold card.  I have birthday cards on my mind (it’s Dads, Sisters, and MILs all tomorrow!) but this one is for none of them, but for my DS in January.  Just pulling open the drawer of stamps and seeing the little trio of boys made the idea pop in to my head.

As my desk was (miraculously) clean, I set aside the album and did this instead.

The little image in the corner is actually the tab that holds the front closed. It’s stuck only on the bottom half, leaving the top free to catch the flap.

and finally,

Let’s see…the font is Sybil Green, if you care, and the round images are created from the 3-heads-in-the-washing-machine stamp.  I stamped and embossed it, masking out the heads, then punched it out with a 2″ circle punch.  It added just the right extra layer.

I think I’ll do that again.

So there we go.  I noted they now allow ANY stamps, any week, which is a change from the alternating Stampotique-only/Any stamp weeks I recall (although at some point I think they went to Stampotique ONLY all the time, or do I misremember that?) so maybe, having done one, I’ll get this into my rotation again.  I enjoyed the heck out of making it.

One issue with the Joy Fold cards is they don’t really stand up very well, but I have an idea (that doesn’t require a stand added to the back) that MAY work for that and add a nifty little something to the look of it, but I’ll have to play with that and see if I can make it work reliably.  Not sure it will ever be totally stable, but we shall see.

I will get back to the album, I promise, but the next couple of days have a lot jammed in to them so bear with me.  Plus I want to use embossing folders for some bits and my GC is still broken and I’ve not yet sorted a replacement.  I have to decide on that, and soon!


WOYWW 171 – tidy!

Well, I had a mess on my desk at the end of yesterday’s post and now it is all tidy for WOYWW.  A bit silly, really, as I will drag BACK out a lot of what was there so I can carry on with my mini.

I used some velcro to stick the two RUB inserts together to make a taller rack for my inks – I also stole a bookcase from the front room so I could move the stamps that were there on to it, gaining back a good bit of desk space.  YAY! I shifted the big shelving unit down a bit and re-organized some of the things so they are more like-with-like.  Not that you can tell from the photos (nor could DH, who couldn’t see how things had changed)

I am still loving the desk-top sorter units that hold all my alpha-stickers.  They are on the shelf just above the small brown boxes.

My mind-map of my room is still sending me to where stuff USED to be, but in time I’ll get comfortable with the new location!

So What’s on YOUR workdesk today?