New Spellbinder Die D-Lites – nifty trick

I should NEVER watch shopping channels in real-time, and NEVER late at night.  Not only did I replace my Grand Calibur last week, but I succumbed to the Flexi-pay option and scooped up the big set of D-Lites.  DOH!

So I had a play.  At first, I was a little annoyed by the medallions. In my head I thought I would be able to cut the medallion and then the frame that accompanies it would cut a larger piece as a mat.  It doesn’t really work out like that.  If you cut the medallion without surrounding it with the frame, you get something like this:

If you use the frame, you can cut our the medallion with a nice scallop-y border then just back it, like this, with a contrasting colour.  All well and good.  But it gave me an idea – the medallion, on it’s own, when cut without the frame, works pretty much like an Anywhere Punch – ie you can cut the holes only from the cardstock, like above.  That’s interesting enough, but if you pick a die that has fairly open areas, then EMBOSS the medallion ONLY, then you can back the cut one with the embossed one, and the embossed areas will peep thru the cut outs. A bit like this!

Now my dies and my machine are both brand spanking new. So embossing SOMETIMES isn’t as pristine as an older die, a more forgiving one, might be.  The embossing is almost too deep

and too crisp, which you can possibly see better here. Using the waxed paper helps – I wonder if freezer paper might work even better, to smooth it all out.

Anyway, here is the card – I hope you can see the dimension! I was working on some fairly thin card to test it all out initially and see if my idea would work, but it ended up so pretty I thought why not do something with it?

I’m liking it!

I needed to see if I would get on with my new camera, hence the Sunday-Right-Here post!