Making my Advent Calendar


OK, like I said, there is little chance of me making a whole other one just to capture the step-by-steps, but I think that I can get you there with the few photos I did manage and some fresh ones that were OK to do.

So let’s start with the ornaments that cover the holes.  First a couple of  things.  My ornaments measure just over 2 1/4 inches across and just over 2 1/2 inches from the top of the hanger to the bottom.  This is all totally subjective.  You could make yours many different ways (use a scallop rather than a pinked circle, or use all plain circles, or leave off the outer circle entirely, just to name a few) and any of those changes will matter when I get to the measurements.  So start the process by making all 24 ornaments.  I showed this before, sort of, but here I am trying to be a bit more methodical about it!

For EACH of the 24 ornaments, you need:

  • one pinked circle (I used the Pinking Circles Large Nestie set, die #3 out from the center)
  • one 2 inch circle punched from decorative paper or cardstock
  • one 2 inch plain black circle
  •  1/2 inch x 3 inch strip of red cardstock
  • an eyelet (I used red)

I use the three circles layered to give the ornaments some weight and stability, because I want them to last.

Start by scoring and folding the small strip of red in half. Do not stick it together. Punch the hole about 1/4 inch from the fold and set the eyelet.

Ink the edges of the circle punched from decorative cardstock.  If you pick the right paper, you really need do no more than punch a nice area, like this one, although you can go to town decorating a plain circle from the ground up, so to speak, if you prefer.

Can you tell that I incorporated the paper-name strip at the bottom there?  I liked the stripes.

Now it’s an assembly job.  You will need to take care adding the eyelet strip to make sure it is centered and level so the ornament hangs properly, with the pattern level, not wonky. I found it helped to use my gridded mat to make sure. Open up the legs, add adhesive to the  ends and sandwich the pinked circle between.

Add the decorative circle on one side and the plain black circle on the other, covering the red strip.

That’s it.    I made the number circles by punching out the small date numbers from one of the kit embellishments and sticking them on plain circles.

I added them to the ornaments, and added some small wooden shapes too, some glittered, some not.

Tomorrow, I will tell you about the base, and how I did that, with some photos and hopefully measurements for my one, as well as some general guidance for laying it all out!

2 thoughts on “Making my Advent Calendar

  1. I really like this project. So many ideas on how to use this.

  2. Looks lovely and My Minds Eye papers are just right for it! Tamika #34

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