SDC67 – squares

I am Old Mother Hubbard today – my cupboards are bare!  Poor DH came down for breakfast and ended up with hot jalapeno cheese dip on toast.  I simply MUST go to the store.  But I wanted to get this up and hope you will forgive the dodgy photos.

The challenge this week was SQUARES and I immediately thought about my “hidden waterfall” card.  The traditional waterfall is squares, but all the same size, offset so you see a bit of each in the first view.  I’ve done a number of hidden waterfalls, where all the flips are hidden behind the first one, but not done standard squares yet so it seemed just the ticket.

The tree I stamped on the black card then embossed with WOW’s puff black powder.  It gives an interesting texture.  I painted the tree with some mixed Twinkling H20s to make brown, but then went over it with a brown Copic.  I love how it turned out.

In another deviation, the waterfall is not on the front of the card, but inside, and only three panels.

The quote is from Jandy Nelson, The Sky Is Everywhere, and fit my purpose. Pulling the pull-me tab (and here is where the photos get really dodgy) you see

And finally

I hollowed out the middle and excised the third head from the washing-machine stamp. Long-time readers (do I have any?) will perhaps recall my sister and her dislike of “creepy” images, and her plea to me to do “cute” – you can guess our time sharing a room was not altogether successful.  She’s 8 years younger and at the time was still uneasy in the dark.  Me?  I like total and complete darkness to sleep.  Conflict ensued.  Hence the card, cause now, I love her to bits and miss her most horribly.

Maybe when (if) the sun comes out I’ll replace the images with better ones, but I think you get the idea enough from these so I might not.

Oh and cause a few people have asked, although I am not totally done yet, here is a better shot of my advent calendar.  I am just not sure I will be able to capture the steps without making another on, but will hope tomorrow to give some basic guidelines for anyone who wants to make one.