WOYWW 173 – a sneaky peek

I have NO IDEA why this year I seem to have jumped the gun on Christmas.  Usually I don’t even think about it till the first week in December. Maybe I am finally getting tired of the madness of December every year.  In any case I had an idea for a special Advent calendar after making the little ornament card last week and wanted to see if I could make it work.  I did, and it turned out better than I had hoped – but you will have to read the post from yesterday to hear the story of how DD saw it and her idea of an improvement. Ha!

I am so nearly done – I thought I might put the finishing touches on it yesterday but no such luck. Here it is on my desk – can you get a sense of exactly how big it is?

You are really only seeing the bottom 1/2 there.  But what lurks behind the ornaments?  Nothing, YET, but you can see there is room for a chocolate coin at the very least:

Now it’s time to pop round to Julia’s and desk hop, although time is short in the run up to the UKS CyberCrop, with so much still to do – I’ll make my best effort to hop over to your desk this morning and file away the inspiration for when I’m not quite so stressed out!