Advent Calendars

I have been working on a rather complex advent calendar for DD.  The old one I made is lovely, but it is only meant for adding the tags each day – there is no “treat” and I wanted to make one that had space for a little goodie.  Here’s a sneak peek.

It was one of those projects that got away from me – I started making the ornament bits based on the one from the card last week and I was so far in to it before I even thought I should document it that now I need to go back and see if I can capture the steps.

anyway, DH saw it and had her own ideas of what should be behind the ornaments – not sweeties at all, but pictures of her favourite pop stars! OK, I love the kid, no doubt, but I was NOT going to put rubbish photos of pop stars behind my lovely vintage calendar! Nor was I going to make another one with this level of intense crafting.  But I did think I could make a pretty basic one for her that she COULD add  pop stars to.  I just had to work it out so it was easy.  Using a 12×12 sheet of cardstock, this is what I worked out:

Using the measurements I drew the grid on the back of the cardstock. Then I trimmed off the extra 1/2 inch on two sides

I marked the lines to cut, cause I am careless and would be sure to muck it up if I just depended on knowing which lines should NOT be cut. Perhaps I marked them TOO much as there was a lot of erasing to do since the backs of the flaps were going to be seen.  DOH!

After cutting the 3 side of each flap, I scored the final side and creased. I found it easiest to erase the marking on each flap as I folded them back to crease.

Then I mounted the whole thing on another piece of cardstock.  I think we can add the number to the flaps and the pop-star images together, getting it ready for 1 December. Then she can keep this one up in her room and my pretty one can go on the mantle!  A good compromise.

I don’t have time to totally finish the nice one today so it’s likely to be on my workdesk tomorrow – if so, you may get a better shot of it.  I will say it is BIG, about 12 x 26, but I am so pleased with it so far I can’t wait to share it!