Card challenge – remember Serendipity squares?


Every so often over on UKS we get a question about Serendipity Squares.  It is an old method of covering a sheet of paper with scraps of various papers, then cutting them into squares.  Most of the posts I had in the library are quite old – perhaps it has fallen out of favour, I don’t know.  Anyway, I had a random thought about it the other day and when it came time to make a card for the Charisma Cardz challenge (thins with wings this time) it was on my mind.

I used strips of various papers rather than torn scraps, but I liked how it looked.

After assembling the sheet I die cut a few leaves.  This is an X-cut die set, which I like. I scored them (3 each, two sizes) in half and stuck them together into a 3D shape. The left half of the second is stuck to the right half of the first at the back, then the left half of the third to the right half of the second – forgot to take a photo but I think you get it.

That went on the card front, with an embossed background (with birds) and a couple of little birdie punch-outs.

It’s quite dimensional, but the neat thing is the leave squash flat  so they fit in an envelope!

Very spring-like but it’s been a bit dismal here so I fancied a shot of sunshine!


3 thoughts on “Card challenge – remember Serendipity squares?

  1. Funny you should mention spring. I see these could easily be used on an Easter card. Thank for sharing

  2. I love the tutorial and the card gorgeous thanks for sharing it today it brightened my day!

  3. Oh it’s lovely and cheerful too…I like the ‘control’ of the serendipity styling very much. At least today dawns bright. And incredibly chilly!

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