Ornament Card

I was working on this the other day but got side-tracked by the embossing thing.  Just a quick idea for a card-with ornament. I am using a 4 x 6 card blank.

With a corner & edge punch combo, punch the corner and 2 or so inches of the sides – exactly how much will depend on your punch.

Cut that off.  Stick it to the card blank along the top edge.  I covered the blank with pretty paper first. Using a triangle or rule, cut thru all layers, leaving a V-notch in the top edge.

Assemble the ornament.  You can layer up as many circles as you like.  I used one of my toppers, and a couple of plain white circles.  The hanger is simply a strip of cardstock, folded in half, with an eyelet thru it.  But you can use spiked circles, glitter card, more layers, to make it more substantial…

Sandwich the hanger between the circles and add a bit of embroidery floss.  You want this to be a least  5 inches when looped thru the eyelet and knotted.

On the inside of the card, add adhesive to the area behind the V-notch. Make sure you leave the area at the bottom of the V clear! Cut a piece of cardstock from the top of the card to just below the V.

Lay the ornament on the front of the card, flipping the string over the center of the notch.  Leave it hanging down past the adhesive.  Stick the cardstock over the hanger. This will hold it in place, but leave it easy to pull out and hang on the tree!

Of course you could make more of the card, maybe adding a larger circle and a duplicate of the ornament topper (or another one) so when the ornament is removed the card still looks like a card!  But these would be a nice little extra for maybe a school friend – the kids could sign and date the back, for a nice little memento.

I’ve had a slightly simpler idea for doing this, with maybe a little less cutting, but I need to give it a go and see if it will work first, and if it does, I’ll share!