WOYWW 172 – chaos, tidy and more!

Hello WOYWW-ers!  I do NOT know how it happens, but my tidy-up form last week didn’t last anywhere as long as I hoped.  See where I craft?  That little area of calm amidst the chaos?

That is because me desk looks like this!

DOH! But then I had another brief tidy-up so I could get out a layout I started at the crop on Saturday and want to finish! You can also see my recent Amazon arrival, Photo JoJo. Not even had a moment to flip thru it, but it looked promising enough to buy a used copy.

Oh, and I did carry thru with another thing I made mention of – getting the Cricut off the shelf and installed in a way I can use it whenever I want to.  That whole thing was more of a pain than I anticipated, due to a broken plug in the power strip, so that needed replacing too, which meant taking down ALLLLL the equipment to change it. But look! It’s like it was always meant to be there!

So now it’s time to pop round yours for a bit of inspiration!