Card (another challenge) and a temporary solution

So after doing the Stampotique challenge yesterday, I was checking out some of the other entries, and clicking links there, just having a bit of a hop from place to place.  I stumbled across this challenge and as it dovetailed very nicely with my thoughts on the Joy Fold cards standing up, I had a play.  SOOO many things involved – first, I had to unearth an old Zip-E-Mate my friend Lydia passed on to be, when I had no die cutting machine at all, and it worked perfectly to cut the shapes.  THAT means I can put off deciding about my GC replacement for a bit longer! Next, the card is not only shaped, but it is an easel card AND includes a gift card holder.  AND I dragged out my Cricut, fired up SCAL and made the joined up text because one thing I know for sure is my card sentiment stamps are RUBBISH.  Really.  Two sets of Papermania ones, too small, bog-standard, and clear stamps.  I saw some at a crop a few months back that I loved, but can’t recall who lent them to me, who made them, or anything much else about them! Hence cutting the sentiment.  Oh and the paper pad is textured so test stamping of anything came out a bit splotchy.

I started taking photos of the process but got distracted halfway thru so I guess I’ll have to make another one if I want to capture the process, although to be fair it’s not rocket science.  If you know how to make a Joy Fold, you can do this.

As you can see, the Joy fold smaller card is along the bottom edge

I started with an 8 x 8  kraft base and scored it at about 3 3/4 inches then creased and cut it with the Nestie off-center, so I got the folded edge and then both a flat and a shaped side – does that make sense?

The smaller “card” for the Joy fold is just another Nestie shape scored and folded in half. I cut some other graduated Nesties to decorate, some only because the cardstock was single sided, white on the back.  Using double-sided card means fewer layers. The first flip:

I thought carefully about the placement of the words.  I like that above you see it reads Happy Birthday to you and with the next flip it reads From Me to You – and here you can see the half-Nestie, stuck only on three edges, that form the pocket for the gift card:

Now, remember that little circle on the first flip?  That is stuck also only on the bottom half, and if you pull it forward and slip the flat edge under it you get the easel effect.

And finally from the side!

Just one last thing – I have SCAL, never updated my Cricut firmware so I can keep using it, and I found this little video by Dan99 really helpful.  Not exactly for the welding of the letters into a unit, per se, but just very informative in general for SCAL.  Having dragged out and set up the darn Cricut (need to find a permanent home for it, I think, but WHERE?) and struggled with too long between uses, where I forgot everything I knew about SCAL and the Cricut itself (like how the heck to you arrange things on the cutting mat using a cartridge? Can you??) I feel like I should be making better use of it regularly so it is easier when I want something done!

Now, shopping, crop packing, Drs. and a gazillion other things…