WOYWW 171 – tidy!

Well, I had a mess on my desk at the end of yesterday’s post and now it is all tidy for WOYWW.  A bit silly, really, as I will drag BACK out a lot of what was there so I can carry on with my mini.

I used some velcro to stick the two RUB inserts together to make a taller rack for my inks – I also stole a bookcase from the front room so I could move the stamps that were there on to it, gaining back a good bit of desk space.  YAY! I shifted the big shelving unit down a bit and re-organized some of the things so they are more like-with-like.  Not that you can tell from the photos (nor could DH, who couldn’t see how things had changed)

I am still loving the desk-top sorter units that hold all my alpha-stickers.  They are on the shelf just above the small brown boxes.

My mind-map of my room is still sending me to where stuff USED to be, but in time I’ll get comfortable with the new location!

So What’s on YOUR workdesk today?