Envelope mini-album

I always find something interesting when cleaning and need to use it.  This time, I found some envelopes and a box of paper fasteners.  I bought them and used one on a layout for SI (way back when) and I’m not sure I ever used another.  But there they were.

One of my pet peeves with mini-books is when the pages don’t turn properly.  Accordion spines just don’t work as well as they could.  So I was looking at this little pile of stuff and the idea leap out at me!

I’ll probably eventually do a YouTube slide show for it as I needed a LOT of photos, but it isn’t difficult at all.  You only need to line the opening of the envelope, then cover the rest of the envelope and punch holes for the fastener.

I covered the fastener too, for a more polished look.

You COULD just end it there, sort of cover-less book, but I went ahead and made a cover – and that went thru about three or four ideas till I decided on one I liked best. In the end I used another envelope for a sort of spine to connect the front and back cover.

The spine is reinforced with washi tape, which you can’t see here.  The back cover is also threaded thru the fastener  legs.


What I like is that I think the pages turn nicely,  taking advantage of the natural hinge created by the envelope flap.  I think this would be super easy for kids to make, if you went cover-less.

And I have seriously tidied my desk for WOYWW.  But there will be more on this mini over the next few days.