BIG CARDS – 10 of Hearts (and ATC album)


First thing, I finished the cover of my ATC album.  Liking it,  but think maybe a coat of Mod Podge to protect it might be in order.

Now, the 10 of Hearts.  I’ve been using a lot of acrylic paint recently, so I thought about the interaction (or not) of it with sprays and ink.  On a bit of a whim, while awaiting the tree-cutter guy’s arrival, I thought I would experiment.  I liked how it turned out so it ended up forming the base of my final background.

First I used my craft mat as a working surface.  I blobbed on a bit of golden brown paint, sprayed some dye mist, and dripped on some drawing ink.

I really did no more than that.  Laying the cardstock over it I smooshed it with my fingertips then ran the brayer over it.  I lifted and turned, wanting to get all the stuff off the craft sheet and on to the cardstock.

A bit splotchy and blotchy but I like that.  I filled in the white gaps with some Distress ink and then spritzed on water.  As I hope it reacted with the DI only, so those areas got some nice water spots, making it all more interesting.

I used a mask (not one that I use a lot, it’s very flowery) with some Radiant Rain copper mist and a bit of the paint thru a stencil

and added some vinyl letters daubed with the yellow-brown paint.

Now the tree-cutter has arrived (the chain saw is LOUD!) and I have LOADS to be getting on with.  Funny, I couldn’t wait to get back to colour from the Spades, and now I am quite looking forward to returning to black with the Clubs!  I am missing the Queen (used it for a Stampotique project a long time ago) so only the Jack and King to go….

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3 thoughts on “BIG CARDS – 10 of Hearts (and ATC album)

  1. Love the way you have splodged the paint on to get the effect on the background. First time visiting your blog and I’m a little intrigued what you are going to do with the LARGE deck of cards. 🙂

  2. I love the colors that you used. I have been lurking, watching you do various large cards. How big are these cards and what are you going to use them for? thanks for sharing. Mary

    • Well, I sort of had the idea to photograph them and create an actual deck of cards with the images (there are places that do that, and sort of why I didn’t cover the entire card face but left the numbers and suit on view in the corners) but as I had used a few of them in past projects and have not found another deck (yet) I’m not sure. It was more a set process (52 cards/52 weeks) and as a way to try out a variety of products and techniques and end up with something “real” at the end of it, rather then a sample piece that I had to then find a way to use. The cards are pretty close to A4 size, 8×11 ish.

      HTH Mary Anne

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