Sunday-right-here – who am I kidding?

So after considering for a day or two, I am trying to be realistic.  as much as I love the whole Project Life process I just KNOW I will never do it.  My head is always full of the NEXT thing I want to do and this sort of ongoing project is just not something that I have ANY confidence that I will manage.  I’m tempted, all the time, but I stop just short of actually starting.  And I need another started, but ultimately unfinished project  like a hole in the head.

BUT, I am loving my little album.  While tidying up (and nearly totally deconstructing my room, to the point when DH came home for lunch on the worst day I had to send him round to the other door as I was very nearly trapped in a pocket of calm in the center of my room, while all around me chaos bloomed) I did find my stash of ATCs and a handful of backgrounds I had either been experimenting with or had cut from other, larger projects.  I slipped them in to the pockets and knew, like you do sometimes, that the album was best used for that. Some of the cards I found…

…and the backgrounds.

I am nearly finished with it.  I did a couple of things – I wanted to paint it black, for a base.  I sanded the front and found there was a thin film of plastic covering it.  So I just peeled that away, leaving a good base for paint.

I painted it then stippled the front to give it some texture.  Then I used a palette knife to drag over some blocks of colour.  That is drying and I’ll finish it up in the next day or two. I’ll use some mists, some stencils, some bottle top printing, and who knows what else.