WOYWW 170 – chaos again….

Oh me, oh my – shamed, I am, by Julia’s neatness.  I can only hope she has reverted to type by WOYWW day today LOL!  I was on a roll there for a while, but given the long trip and time away, then tooo0 much left hanging when we left that needed sorting, and a totally empty fridge, mountains of laundry, and well, you get the idea.

I also had to contend with the new ISP – this has been going on for toooo long.  First the scheduled, cancelled, rescheduled, cancelled, rescheduled appointment to get the box on the wall – and would it kill them to whisk away the dust??

Then a selling point was that the connection was meant to be ready as soon as the line was installed (salesmen – BAH!) That didn’t happen. It finally got connected the day before we left on our trip.  Wrong user name and password supplied.  Got THAT sorted Monday, then weird messages on the router (Training? Handshake? Showtime??) and dropping the connection.  Hours of DH fiddling with the router settings (geeky magic) and today I am not only online, but fast (for here, miles across the fields from the exchange)  and still not been ab;e to put my room back together again.

It all lurks behind me, like a pantomime villan, waiting to pounce.  Today it will get sorted  the laundry is mostly done, the fridge stocked, and I can carry on.

Oh but my tales of woe don’t end – My Grand Calibur has been acting badly for a while – some little metal bits are rattling around inside and the pressure is less than it should be for cutting.  I emailed Spellbinders, got a Spellbinders contact in the UK,  he emailed me.  He offered to fix it, if it was easy, at minimal cost.  I said I wanted to think about it, but was impressed with the service.  When I emailed him back (more than a month ago) to get the address I never got a reply.  Still getting no reply.  So screwed there, I think.  So now what?  Go with a Big Shot and give up on the largest Grand Nesties and embossing with masks? I’ve seen them as low as £54.  Do I really want that?  Do I want another GC?  Doubtful, as it lasted be just over a year.  No WAY I want to play UK Big Shot Pro prices.  At this point I’ll dither on.

But what I did manage to cut was a clear rosette.  A bit of decorative packaging tape on a thin transparency sheet then the rosette die – looks smashing, but perhaps only over white.  Over other colours, the conflict is too much.  I have some black design tape too and that might be better, but I was thinking for Christmas, so maybe not ideal.

See the difference between the bit over white and the bit over the green cutting mat?

Nifty, hummm?  What I WANT to do is rush out to get a Big Shot so I can play a lot before I have to return Julia’s die to her, but I just know I will regret it, even under £60 (plus the die, cause I gotta have that, plus the long plates. plus anything else that will fall into my basket….