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Lovely Tapes

This is unusual for me as I don’t normally do shopping haul type posts.  But I ordered from a new UKS advertiser, Lovely Tapes.  They specialize in Washi tapes (and I got a handful of them) and more, and a few of the items I’ve not seen before.  First, and perhaps my favourite, is the grid-on-kraft.  I got a red version and a blue one.  It will be fab for journaling, and you can cut it into thinner strips.  Love this stuff!

Next, fabric tape.  It’s lace on a roll, but the nifty thing is that you can peel off the backing and press it on to paper or card (or canvas, I expect) but you can ALSO iron it on to fabric.  I got some white and ivory, and each is a mix of styles, thin and thick.

Next, something I just wasn’t sure what it was when I ordered it, frankly. It’s called Masking Sticker Set and it’s what LOOKS like journaling cards, but in fact it is strips of Washi-tape like bits.  There are a few thin strips at the top then thicker ones at the bottom.  again, it would be good for journaling, I think, and the finish seems like you could stamp on it if you wanted to.   25+ sheets in the pack, very varied but ledger, map, notepad, etc. Needs playing with, I think!

I got this stuff because I was curious.  It’s a big roll of clear masking tape with a design printed on it in fine white lines.  Just stick it on – here on cardstock, but it looks fab on glass, for example, and wold be fine on acetate I bet.  Again, not sure where I will go with it, but somewhere, for sure.

You’ll see the link pop up on UKS on the side, but you can always find it near the bottom here (and all the rest of the sponsor shops too!)

Still peddling like mad to catch up but at least DD is back in school so that will hopefully make it a bit easier to catch up – although the pre-ordered new Barbie movie arrived today so I suspect that wil eat into my afternoon a bit….