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BIG CARDS – 9 of Hearts

Back from our long trip up to Scotland, DS successfully installed in his new house, and I am finally back at my desk.

The new internet service is working, but fairly unstable at the moment.  They tell me this is normal and they are putting it thru a “stabilization process,” whatever THAT means. I’ll be monitoring it.  It didn’t help that they gave us the wrong password, or if it was the right one, they neglected to activate it. They sorted that this morning.  I think the real telling will come when DD is tying to stream YouTube on the other connection – that in and of itself will be an improvement.

Anyway, on to my CARD for the week.  I remember, lordy, it must be 15+ years ago, playing with watercolours and salt.  I always liked it.  Today, I re-visited that, but used my drawing ink instead.  The first  step was to use a stencil to colour in the letters with a white crayon, hoping for a resist.  It’s not perfect but it’s fine.  Then I misted water on to the paper, leaving some nice white areas.

When the salt had dried (helped with a heat gun – I am just too impatient to wait overnight!) I brushed that off, then sponged on some Crushed Olive Distress Ink, both in the big white areas and in some of the lighter areas around the salt crystals.  I wiped away the DI on the red ink areas with a diaper wipe.  That gave me a block of colour, very intense, or a halo of colour around the crystals.

It looks almost corroded, or maybe like verdigris .

I really like it, and although it is more or less red and green it stops short of looking like Christmas!

You can see the white crayon resisted almost all of the ink, just a few places where maybe I wasn’t heavy-handed enough around the edges,  and the placement of the white areas is less random than I would have liked, as the ink spread a lot, so perhaps less water is the key. Over all I know this is one to play with a bit more.

Now, I need to adjust to being back home, finish up the MOUNTAIN of laundry we brought back with us, and get ready for SCHOOL TOMORROW! Summer (such as it was) is well and truly over…..