BIG CARDS – Seven of Hearts

I had a hankering to play with spray webbing.  But I don’t OWN spray webbing.  A quandary.  What do I have that is LIKE webbing but…not?

Aha!  I have some spray adhesive! I wonder….

I sprayed a light, fairly blotchy and stringy coat on the cardstock – I actually added more later as it wasn’t enough! Let it dry, a bit – tacky, not WET.

I dusted on some Pearl-Ex – I ended up using the Sparkle Copper, which actually has a texture more like glitter than mica powder.  It’s nice and rough and very, VERY sparkly.

I used a big, soft brush for this, then scrubbed it in with a paper towel.

I smudged som Cranberry ink round the edges – nice and dark. I went on to add some dotty lines from a stencil.

I am getting a little tired of black and coloured letters to add the word, so I added some white foam stickers this time – but which way looks best? Going down?

Or heading up?

Till tomorrow…..


Sunday-someplace-else (Calendar on LollyChops)

LollyChops has always been a favourite blog of mine – she makes cute printables.  But this time I want to highlight an older post with the sweetest fabric calendar.  Isn’t it smashing?

There are loads more photos on her blog so do have a look.  These would make lovely gifts, but would also take some time to accomplish, hence the posting with MONTHS left to go before the 2012 calendars run out! I just love how dimensional and colourful this project is. and the free-form stitching really adds to it.  Plus I love teal and lime as a colour combo so this caught (and held) my eye right away!

She uses a load of Prima goodies and there is a link to a Ustream show (but I will freely admit I did not have a chance to check it out yet so I can’t promise the link will work)

Have a good nosy thru the whole blog while you are there.  There are some adorable printable patterns for stuffed birdies (and really, you can’t have to many of THEM!) and some SVG files and just lots and lots of inspiration.

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Flying Fish – fun for kids!

As you know I am loving my One Piece of card book.  I had a browse to see if the author had any other books and found one called Model Making in paper, board, and metal. It has no templates like the original, but it does have some photos of the finished projects, measurements and some instruction.  There are a couple of fun ones, but as soon as I saw these fish I knew I had to try them.

This is such a simple thing to make – I think that it would be great fun for the kids, and a great way to use up strips of scrapbooking paper that you may no longer care to use for layouts.  I’ve altered the measurements a bit to work with 12 x 12 sheets.

You need:

  • 3 strips of 12 x 1 inch paper – double-sided cardstock works great.
  • 2 small circle punches that nest
  • double-sided tape and glue stick – for a kids craft thing just glue stick I think

Take two of the strips and trim them to 8 x 1 inches – save the trimmings, you’ll use a bit of one later.

Take the longer strip and one of the smaller strips.  Measure in an inch from each end and cut a 1/2 inch slit go top down from one end and bottom up from the other. Score a line 1 inch from each end on the other 8 inch piece.  Fold all strips in half and crease.  Can you see?

Cross the ends of the pieces with the slits and slot them together.  I cut a 1/2 inch in the tail and fins, and notch them, as you can see here. You don’t have to.  You can also add extra bits to make a longer tail but that will change the balance of it if you want to hang them.

Now, using one of the off-cuts, cut a 1 1/2 inch piece.  Score and fold it lengthwise, stick the sides together and trim it to 1/4 inch.  Score a 1/4 inch line from each end. Punch two small circles from black card and two larger circles, either from white card or patterned paper.  Stick the black circles to the middle.  You could also just pinch the bigger circles and add sticky-backed googly eyes.  Now stick the eyes to the 1/4 tabs.

Stick the little piece to the top of the smaller fish shape. The eyes should hang down,

Now add some adhesive to the top of the eye-piece and to the underside, parallel to this one.

Stick that inside the bigger fish – leave the tail part free.

Add adhesive to the back of the last piece and stick that around the outside of the bigger fish.

And then you are done!

Once again:

To add the hanging ribbon, you can stick the end with temporary adhesive to the top and fiddle about with the placement so it’s balanced.  If you’ve added fins, or a longer tail, that will be important.  Once you have it balanced, punch a whole and thread the ribbon (or yarn) thru.  You can just knot the end and leave it like that, certainly for the kids, or you can cover the ends with a couple of punched circles.  If you punch the circles out of the other off-cut, they will fit the strip perfectly.

If you had a pile of longer and shorter strips cut and slit, and surrounds pre-notched, it might be a fun party craft – let the kids grab colours and make the fish.  You could omit the eyes as well and they are still cute. Now I have to re-read the section on the stand-up birds, cause the photo don’t help and the text is confusing.  I may have to give that a go next!


Quick card – wedding, perhaps

I had a lot of debris on my desk from yesterdays exploding box, so I though I would quickly see what I could come up with.  I had gotten one of the Martha Stewart stamp-around-the-page positioners, with a few of the stamps that fit and not really used it much so I thought this might work on one of the rosettes Julia cut for me.  It does, and looks quite sweet, I think.

It fits pretty well right across the rosette.  I then took one of the votive holders and cut out the heart from the centre.  The strip itself was too long as is for the 4 x 6 card front so I did a little surgery on it – after removing the heart to be used to top the rosette, I trimmed the sides (cutting off the tab and slit that make the holder) and snipped some of the middle away.  I sponged on some coordinating ink, just on to plain card, and mounted the votive holder over that.  That let the colour peek thru the lacy laser cut.

The rosette is big enough to mask the fact the lace is in bits.

I did consider backing the card front, as the votive is pearl card and the card blank is plain, but I think it detracted from it. Embossing it would have just made it look more “busy.”  I don’t actually own and pearl card so until I get some, this is it.  And like many of my posts it’s more about the process than the finished item! The point is the stamps work perfectly on the rosettes and offer another option to just cutting them out of patterned paper or card.  The stamping is quite delicate looking.  I’m betting one of those little stamp rollers would also work, but the ones I have are a bit useless  (I think I have a mountain range and maybe chocolates, maybe a sort of Aztec pattern one – none that I can see working well for this sort of application!) In any case, I do think a better quality card blank would help.  I am always going on about how much I like the Cosmic Shimmer mists because the colour is so rich.  Well in this case, the pale cover of Glimmer Mists would probably do the trick.


Exploding box from Wedding bits

As soon as I saw the pretty laser cut bits in the Wedding aisle I knew they would make an adorable exploding box.  The box itself is made in the normal way, and based on he measurements of the items. It uses:

  • 4 cards (20 in the pack)
  • 5 votive wrap (20 in the pack)
  • 1 box top (5 in the pack)

The side panels are 6 inches x 3 1/2 inches, with a 1 inch score on the long side.  The box bottom is 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches.  The 1 inch score tabs are attached to the underside of the box bottom and another identical piece added over the tabs.  The weights the box nicely.  Then the sides are covered with one of the cards as they come, flat.  The inside of the sides get a votive wrap added and trimmed.  The lid gets one of the box lids, trimmed, added to it and a heart gem in each corner.


That’s all pretty basic stuff.

Now, to make the centre bit.  The inner dimensions of the votive holder fit a 2 inch punch pretty perfectly.  Punch a stack of circles from cardstock.

Stick 4 or so together, then punch a hole in the middle.  Stick dimensional foam pads on the back.

Twist the flower stems together and thread the end thru the hole.  Open out the stems and stick them to the back of the circle with glue dots or hot glue or something similar – if you want to use ATG you can stick the stems first and then add the foam.  Stick one final circle over that.  It should be thick – 1/4 inch or more.  Add a wrap of sticky tape around the bottom of the votive holder but don’t pull off the backing just yet.

Fold the holder – it’s just a tab and slot closure so you can add a bit of adhesive to make sure it stays closed.  Tuck the circle into the votive holder and push it down a bit.  Pull off the tape backing and use something like the back of your pokey tool to push it down flush to your desk.

Press the votive edges, where the tape is, to the circle stack.  You can now stick the bottom to the inside of the box.

My idea was to add text bits on the 4 sides – I was thinking something like Congratulations/on your/Wedding day/to the new Mr and Mrs Whoever (one bit on each of the 4 sides. )  I added a little beaded birdie, from Paperchase last Christmas, I think, to the flowers with the attached clip – I though it would be nice to add a little paper banner that says something like “Your first Christmas ornament” so it’s a card and a gift in one.  It also works as a valentine, I suppose.

You could, of course, fill the votive holder with flowers, add the little spring-y things on to acetate, whatever.  There are also fluted holders – cupcake wraps – that would work too, creating a different sort of holder.  The very bottom of them also fit the 2 inch punch, but because the side slant OUT, the attachment may take a little more effort – maybe sticking strips of tape along the bottom edge, like an L, then covering the tape with another strip of cardstock?  I may play with it and report back.

So there it is – any WOYWW folk, I’ll try to link back to this next week, as many said they wanted to see what I did with the bits from yesterdays post.

I am dithering about our upcoming holiday.  It will be hard to blog from the road so I may simply schedule old favourites to reappear for a few days.  I had great plans for a project that would cover the days but I am just not sure I will be able to get it done in the time I have – getting DS sorted for his trip back to Uni is going to take time.  I’ll see where I am next week.

Cheers all!



WOYWW 167 – stash idea

Hello again.  Two blog posts yesterday, very unusual, but I was just so darn excited – I have to say a BIG THANK YOU to Julia for graciously cutting me some rosettes, but then going above and beyond and lending me her die as well.  Aces. I did try to convince her to pop over to mine so I could snap a shot of her reclining on my desk (what a great W that would have been for a WOYWW post LOL!) but no luck.  No matter, it was lovely to meet up for a chat and a coffee and the stack of pre-cut rosettes were the icing on the cake.  Look back to see how I used them.

Now, the mess on my desk at about 5pm yesterday….

A quick shot of the finished wreath using my word lists to add words to rosettes:

And then, all nice and tidy, with some stash from the Wedding aisle at Hobby Craft. I have an idea but it will have to wait for tomorrow to reveal all.

I just love these laser cut bits – votive wraps, cards, little boxes, and cupcake wraps, I think.  Useful as stencils, but I have another idea for them.  Wanna guess? This is the HEART selection but they also have butterflies.  I dithered for a bit and went with hearts.

The unending saga of the broadband.  They did come to install the line, but didn’t activate the broadband, just the phone line.  So one more week of WOYWW with the old connection, so very, very slow and finicky, but I’ll do my best – it can’t be any worse than it’s been for the last couple of weeks, that’s for sure.  And by September I’ll be very interested to monitor how it all goes.  I’m hoping for a HUGE improvement, but we shall see….


Doing the HAPPY DANCE – Tim Holtz Rosette die WoRKS!

OMG – I am totally doing the happy dance right now.  I thought I would have to struggle to get the words from my Rosette Word files to fit the Tim Holtz die but they work, pretty much as is!!

I first held a pre-cut die up over the print out, to see what sort of adjustment I would need to make.  Not sure if you can see this, but the words fit near perfectly as they are.

Can you see how they fall between the score lines?

As Julia-the-lovely gave me a whole stack of pre-cut ones as well as the die, I thought the easiest thing to do was to attach the pre cut dies, first placing them with the window light to guide me.

Now the thickness of the cardstock caused two slight problems – first, the top edge had some ink deposited on it not a lot, but a smudge.  I would solve that flipping the file and printing, so the smudge was at the bottom, where the top edge would overlap.  For these I just joined them by sticking the clean bottom edge OVER the smudged top edge.  I would use some good strong adhesive for that, as it isn’t a good a way to do it as joining as intended, bottom fold tucked under the top edge.  Next issue, and if you look at the last couple of the Merry Christmas ones you can see it clearest   (and also by the fact that the words NOT printed on the dies are off by a bit) is that the paper shifts every so slightly, again, I suspect due to the thickness.  PEACE is nearly perfect in placement, Merry Christmas has a few that are close but not perfect.  Now look at them folded:

PEACE is short enough that the companion circle that the die cuts works fine.  Merry Christmas is a little long, so a smaller circle works better.  I’ve tried to capture the wonky areas so you can see that even so they are not half bad!

Two things – first, it may work better (but it may not) if the card stock is printed first and then die cut – but I think the same problem with slippage may occur.  Second, making the words a smaller point size will def. help – mine were pretty much as big as they could be, but I can see the advantage of making them smaller.  I’m just not sure that I will like that.

Are you as excited by this as I am?  Probably not – but I can’t believe that the most recent file works.  Now I am NOT sure the previous ones do, only because I think I tried to adjust further down the list, for the slippage I was getting with hand scoring.  But I will make some files for you – or you can use my instructions to make your own with any words you like – when I can.

Just to add the WIP link!


Rosette Wreath with word rosettes!

I finally got around to doing a YouTube doodah for the Word Rosettes.  I have seen various rosette wreaths on t’internet (Pinterest, probably) and thought the word rosettes might be nice for one of them, so I started one this morning.  After spending a diverting couple of hours with the lovely Julia, wandering around Hobby Craft and meeting having a coffee (where I clearly showed my lack of social skills and proved that I spend far too much time in my own company, as I prattled on about whatever was in my head and the poor woman barely got to speak) and where I collected from her the TH rosette die (so generous!) I had to shop and then cook – pulled pork BBQ and sour cream potato salad for dinner, yum, yum – and have still not managed to blog.  Tsk.  I figure I’d better share the progress as I have something ELSE I am keen to share for WOYWW day (and I seethe, still, as the LINE may be installed but they screwed up the order so the actual BROADBAND won’t be active for at least 5 days.  Ggrrrr! That leaves me struggling for another WOYWW session with the old system.  GGGRRRRR agan!)

So here we go.  I made a base from a ring of matboard and then printed this sheet of words.  It’s spaced so the cut strips can be added, wider spaces for the longer words and shorter ones for the small words.  All are 1 1/2 to 1 inch wide.

I left the sheets attached to the printer paper so I could score all the strips in one go, THEN peel them off the sheet to fold and collapse the rosettes.

I hoped the Merry Christmas on the red patterned paper would be clearer, and I may replace that with another one – so do test out your papers to make sure the words are clear enough for you!

Then I will attach them to the frame. Like so.

And just a close up so you can see a couple of them better:

Now I need to do 3 or 4 more to fill in the gaps, then tidy up and get the new project out.  And at some point I will carry one with my idea to fit the word strips to the TH rosette die, now I have it.  Oh there is nothing more frustrating than an idea delayed!  I missed about four crops in the last 8 weeks, at least two chances to get my mitts on that die, and it’s been making me crazy.  I feel certain it can be made to work – in fact someone commented on the YouTube show that same idea, so it’s not just me who thinks it’s a good one – but so much easier to deal with the die, the cuts themselves, and not just the measurements!

Bear with me while I play.

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BIG CARDS – Six of Hearts

Yesterday we did a usual Sunday event.  We marinade 5 or 6 different things and BBQ meat for the week.  We did thick pork chops in BBQ sauce, Chicken in lime and mustard, sausages and burgers.  That gives us plenty of quick meals with less effort till the next weekend.  But while dishing up the plates I first had to lift the tin foil (damn the no-window-screens/living in a field/flies combo) and it CUT me.  Never had THAT happen before.  So this morning, as I await the re-scheduled BT appointment (2 hours left in the slot and counting….) I was contemplating the bandage on my finger and thinking about the tin foil and…

I added glue to the paper and brayered on the crumpled tin foil to give a good adhesion

I pounced on first Red Pepper alcohol ink, then a combo of some greens and blues over that.  No blending solution, to give a nice mottled effect.

I added some red paint thru a stencil.

The light from the window, reflecting off the foil, makes seeing the colour difficult,  If I hold the piece under the desk, away from the light, you can see it a bit better

Lastly, I coloured the letters with a Copic, thru a stencil. Red first, then outlined with black.  Tricky with the brush tip – one rare occasion when I wish I had a ProMarker with a fine bullet tip!


Interesting effect.  I’ve seen tin foil used for cards but never really played with it.  This is heavy-duty tin foil, on a roll, from Costco.  I wonder if it would be a reasonable substitute for the foil sheets from Ranger?  I’ll have to see how well the glue stick holds it all – it seems a good stick, but I’ve found glue stick loosens over time.  I’ll check it in a week and see if it’s still strong.

Now, where is that BT team??  I swear if they miss me again today I will be LIVID with rage…..

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Sunday-Someplace-Else (Uses for old magazines)

I came across this fab post on Always Chrysti’s blog for 100 ways to creatively re-use magazines.  So many great ideas.  The post is not a new one, just new to me!


There are a couple to highlight – first, how cute is this idea to make a “dolls house” out of an old catalog?  Quick and easy for a child to make and it might keep them busy for an hour or so over the summer.






The best one I saw, that tempts me so, is the junk mail blinds.  It’s complicated, and requires an existing set of blinds to complete, but the fact it greatly increases the light-blocking of standard blinds makes it pretty appealing.  And while the tutorial linked doesn’t seem to have photos (or at least they don’t display for me when I open the page) I did find an image of the same thing.  I am imagining something like this for DDs room, using up all those teen magazines that she insists on buying, flipping thru them once and then leaving them in heaps all over the house.  I’m thinking if I fold the magazine pages into junk-mail flyers sizes, then I might be able to accomplish the same thing – and it could be a fun project for us.  I think I need to read the instructions carefully and see if I can make sense of it without the photos.









And while we are on the topic of junk mail, how about this cool wall art from A Little Hut?


Have fun – I know I am bookmarking this for the future.