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Autumnal Mini – making the book

To add the cover, add plenty of adhesive to the first page.  Make not of the position of the 1/2 triangle

Stick the cover over the large rectangular area, then fold the 1/2 triangle down onto the cover.

Open the cover to expose the first full section. Flip the triangle open, top and bottom.

Add plenty of adhesive to the back of the cover, the spine area and the triangles

Slip the page in. Make sure the centre of the triangle matches the centre crease in the page.

Fold the triangle down and stick it to the page.

NOTE:  You can add adhesive inside the triangles if you like, to make them more of a solid unit.  Likewise, if you thing you will want to be able to slip things UNDER the edges of the triangles when you add your decorations, don’t add the adhesive to the TRIANGLES, just to the spine.  You can add it later after adding your photos, journaling blocks, etc.

Continue adding your pages in the same way.  But take note of the curve-cut sides.  For these, add the adhesive to the edge near the spine, along the top and the bottom edges, and NOT to the curve – this will leave you a “pocket” to slip in additional photos or journaling blocks.

Alternate the full pages with the curve-cut ones.  You could also match the curve-cut ones back-to-back, to give you a 1/2 page.

When you are done, this is the view from the top!

That is your book completed!  Tomorrow I will talk a bit about the simple printable circles and how you can make use of them!