WOYWW – Autumnal Mini – pages and printables

You’ll have to look back to yesterday to get the spine construction instructions, and follow on tomorrow for more! WOYWW folk, I’m in the car, taking DS back to Uni but will try to visit if I can.

The mini will consist of 6 bi-fold sections.

Collect a selection of cardstock that works with the wrapping paper spine.

Here is my selection:

Cut each sheet into 6 x 12 inch rectangles and score and crease in half.  These will form your pages.

Cut two 6 x 6 pieces of matboard or cardboard for the covers.

There are two versions of the printables, Black and Brown.  Either one will do for this step – cut out the curved rectangle and use it as a template to cut one side of THREE of the folded pages. Leave the other three as full pages.

You can reverse the template, so the curves alternate low to high, and cut left side or right side of the page sections. Save the curves you cut off – you will use them later, if you like!

Tomorrow, we’ll put the book together!