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An Autumnal Mini-book

I’ll explain how this came about – I was checking out the mini-books on Making-mini-scrapbooks and found this interesting one  here. I liked the look of it and thought I might be able to make it bigger (the sample is only 3 1/4 x 5 inches!) then rather than enclosing the cardstock pieces I could use the blizzard book base as a spine.  I was playing around with the folding and the first thing I tried was to make the accordion thinner, with more creases.  That meant that folding the triangles in did not make the top and bottom overlap.  But it DID look like a usable spine, so I went with that.  There are a lot of steps to this but they are repeated.  Once you  get in to the groove, it goes quickly.

  • Cut a piece of nice, heavy wrapping paper to 19 1/2 x 9 inches – I used some from Paperchase, as it has a kraft colour base, which I like.
  • Score all along the long side, every 1 1/2 inches.
  • Accordion fold this.  Crease well, and precisely.

With the accordion folded, fold over the first section, forming a triangle as shown.  Do this at the top and at the bottom edge. Do this for every section. Fold the last 1/2 triangle back. Can you see it below?

This is what your accordion will look like!

Now carefully open it out and look at the creases:

You are going to carefully REVERSE the pleats. Push each section inward as you can see here.

This is what you will have.

Now, for each point, open a “page” at a time and fold the point in towards the main body of the accordion

And when you get done, this is how it will look!

This is the spine of your book!

Tomorrow the pages!