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We are on the road, so I had a hunt on my hard disk for something to fill the gap left by my absence from my desk .   This one is quite old, from the first class I taught at a GoGo Getaway in 2008! I always liked the project and never shared it, so now seems as good a time as any.  From what I recall I got sent the clear shape and the embellishment packs as the things to work with.  And as usual, I started thinking of the properties of the supplies, the background in particular,  and what made it different to a normal background.  Well, it’s clear – DUH! When I considered that, the whole double-sided idea kept creeping up in my mind.  And in planning the class, I always struggle with the whole boy/girl/generic dilemma, aiming for something the most people will be happy to  put in their albums.  This is what I ended up with – I did a BOY side and a GIRL side.

The BOY side:

and the GIRL side:

Given the clear background, the critical thing is making sure that everything lined up so you only saw what you wanted to see as you view each side, and that all the adhesive is hidden.

I found the original PDF as well but the darn thing is 39 mb!  Monstrous.  I had a nifty little freebie program called PDF Lab that allowed all sorts of PDF manipulation – under the OLD OS, but it doesn’t work under the new one.  Poo. So of course I had to Google and found this handy post.  Took seconds and worked like a charm! It took the nearly 40 mb PDF and reduced it to just over 2 mb and there is not a huge loss of quality.  Woo Hoo!  …and that means I can share it.

One thought on “An old class – Clearly Displayed

  1. Thanks very much for this one! It’s a wonderful project, as all of yours are! I must tell you that your title “boy, outside” really made me laugh! I think it’s brilliant! The “Free” is just beautiful! Have a great day! 🙂

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