WOYWW – a birdie

I am scrambling like mad trying to get sorted for our trip, but I do have this little birdie on my desk today. Still working from the book, which you can see in the background.  WORKING is accurate.  I love the projects, but the author really wants you to WORK to make them, and the instructions are nowhere near as easy to understand, and the diagrams nowhere near as detailed or complete as in One Piece of Card!

My last pre-scheduled post, tomorrow, will hopefully show how to make one.  But if I get bogged down with cleaning, packing, and last-minute shopping for DS it may have to wait till I get back.  I have a fun little mini-book project scheduled next week, while we are away, and will be back to live blogging at the end of the week.

Happy WOYWW!

I have to apologize.  My new broadband has been turned on but the router needs configuring and my existing connection is cr*p.  I am trying to visit as many as I can but commenting is giving me nothing but trouble.  Next month it’s all going to get A LOT better.  It better, or HEADS WILL ROLL!