BIG CARDS – Seven of Hearts

I had a hankering to play with spray webbing.  But I don’t OWN spray webbing.  A quandary.  What do I have that is LIKE webbing but…not?

Aha!  I have some spray adhesive! I wonder….

I sprayed a light, fairly blotchy and stringy coat on the cardstock – I actually added more later as it wasn’t enough! Let it dry, a bit – tacky, not WET.

I dusted on some Pearl-Ex – I ended up using the Sparkle Copper, which actually has a texture more like glitter than mica powder.  It’s nice and rough and very, VERY sparkly.

I used a big, soft brush for this, then scrubbed it in with a paper towel.

I smudged som Cranberry ink round the edges – nice and dark. I went on to add some dotty lines from a stencil.

I am getting a little tired of black and coloured letters to add the word, so I added some white foam stickers this time – but which way looks best? Going down?

Or heading up?

Till tomorrow…..