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Flying Fish – fun for kids!

As you know I am loving my One Piece of card book.  I had a browse to see if the author had any other books and found one called Model Making in paper, board, and metal. It has no templates like the original, but it does have some photos of the finished projects, measurements and some instruction.  There are a couple of fun ones, but as soon as I saw these fish I knew I had to try them.

This is such a simple thing to make – I think that it would be great fun for the kids, and a great way to use up strips of scrapbooking paper that you may no longer care to use for layouts.  I’ve altered the measurements a bit to work with 12 x 12 sheets.

You need:

  • 3 strips of 12 x 1 inch paper – double-sided cardstock works great.
  • 2 small circle punches that nest
  • double-sided tape and glue stick – for a kids craft thing just glue stick I think

Take two of the strips and trim them to 8 x 1 inches – save the trimmings, you’ll use a bit of one later.

Take the longer strip and one of the smaller strips.  Measure in an inch from each end and cut a 1/2 inch slit go top down from one end and bottom up from the other. Score a line 1 inch from each end on the other 8 inch piece.  Fold all strips in half and crease.  Can you see?

Cross the ends of the pieces with the slits and slot them together.  I cut a 1/2 inch in the tail and fins, and notch them, as you can see here. You don’t have to.  You can also add extra bits to make a longer tail but that will change the balance of it if you want to hang them.

Now, using one of the off-cuts, cut a 1 1/2 inch piece.  Score and fold it lengthwise, stick the sides together and trim it to 1/4 inch.  Score a 1/4 inch line from each end. Punch two small circles from black card and two larger circles, either from white card or patterned paper.  Stick the black circles to the middle.  You could also just pinch the bigger circles and add sticky-backed googly eyes.  Now stick the eyes to the 1/4 tabs.

Stick the little piece to the top of the smaller fish shape. The eyes should hang down,

Now add some adhesive to the top of the eye-piece and to the underside, parallel to this one.

Stick that inside the bigger fish – leave the tail part free.

Add adhesive to the back of the last piece and stick that around the outside of the bigger fish.

And then you are done!

Once again:

To add the hanging ribbon, you can stick the end with temporary adhesive to the top and fiddle about with the placement so it’s balanced.  If you’ve added fins, or a longer tail, that will be important.  Once you have it balanced, punch a whole and thread the ribbon (or yarn) thru.  You can just knot the end and leave it like that, certainly for the kids, or you can cover the ends with a couple of punched circles.  If you punch the circles out of the other off-cut, they will fit the strip perfectly.

If you had a pile of longer and shorter strips cut and slit, and surrounds pre-notched, it might be a fun party craft – let the kids grab colours and make the fish.  You could omit the eyes as well and they are still cute. Now I have to re-read the section on the stand-up birds, cause the photo don’t help and the text is confusing.  I may have to give that a go next!