Quick card – wedding, perhaps

I had a lot of debris on my desk from yesterdays exploding box, so I though I would quickly see what I could come up with.  I had gotten one of the Martha Stewart stamp-around-the-page positioners, with a few of the stamps that fit and not really used it much so I thought this might work on one of the rosettes Julia cut for me.  It does, and looks quite sweet, I think.

It fits pretty well right across the rosette.  I then took one of the votive holders and cut out the heart from the centre.  The strip itself was too long as is for the 4 x 6 card front so I did a little surgery on it – after removing the heart to be used to top the rosette, I trimmed the sides (cutting off the tab and slit that make the holder) and snipped some of the middle away.  I sponged on some coordinating ink, just on to plain card, and mounted the votive holder over that.  That let the colour peek thru the lacy laser cut.

The rosette is big enough to mask the fact the lace is in bits.

I did consider backing the card front, as the votive is pearl card and the card blank is plain, but I think it detracted from it. Embossing it would have just made it look more “busy.”  I don’t actually own and pearl card so until I get some, this is it.  And like many of my posts it’s more about the process than the finished item! The point is the stamps work perfectly on the rosettes and offer another option to just cutting them out of patterned paper or card.  The stamping is quite delicate looking.  I’m betting one of those little stamp rollers would also work, but the ones I have are a bit useless  (I think I have a mountain range and maybe chocolates, maybe a sort of Aztec pattern one – none that I can see working well for this sort of application!) In any case, I do think a better quality card blank would help.  I am always going on about how much I like the Cosmic Shimmer mists because the colour is so rich.  Well in this case, the pale cover of Glimmer Mists would probably do the trick.