WOYWW 167 – stash idea

Hello again.  Two blog posts yesterday, very unusual, but I was just so darn excited – I have to say a BIG THANK YOU to Julia for graciously cutting me some rosettes, but then going above and beyond and lending me her die as well.  Aces. I did try to convince her to pop over to mine so I could snap a shot of her reclining on my desk (what a great W that would have been for a WOYWW post LOL!) but no luck.  No matter, it was lovely to meet up for a chat and a coffee and the stack of pre-cut rosettes were the icing on the cake.  Look back to see how I used them.

Now, the mess on my desk at about 5pm yesterday….

A quick shot of the finished wreath using my word lists to add words to rosettes:

And then, all nice and tidy, with some stash from the Wedding aisle at Hobby Craft. I have an idea but it will have to wait for tomorrow to reveal all.

I just love these laser cut bits – votive wraps, cards, little boxes, and cupcake wraps, I think.  Useful as stencils, but I have another idea for them.  Wanna guess? This is the HEART selection but they also have butterflies.  I dithered for a bit and went with hearts.

The unending saga of the broadband.  They did come to install the line, but didn’t activate the broadband, just the phone line.  So one more week of WOYWW with the old connection, so very, very slow and finicky, but I’ll do my best – it can’t be any worse than it’s been for the last couple of weeks, that’s for sure.  And by September I’ll be very interested to monitor how it all goes.  I’m hoping for a HUGE improvement, but we shall see….