Rosette Wreath with word rosettes!


I finally got around to doing a YouTube doodah for the Word Rosettes.  I have seen various rosette wreaths on t’internet (Pinterest, probably) and thought the word rosettes might be nice for one of them, so I started one this morning.  After spending a diverting couple of hours with the lovely Julia, wandering around Hobby Craft and meeting having a coffee (where I clearly showed my lack of social skills and proved that I spend far too much time in my own company, as I prattled on about whatever was in my head and the poor woman barely got to speak) and where I collected from her the TH rosette die (so generous!) I had to shop and then cook – pulled pork BBQ and sour cream potato salad for dinner, yum, yum – and have still not managed to blog.  Tsk.  I figure I’d better share the progress as I have something ELSE I am keen to share for WOYWW day (and I seethe, still, as the LINE may be installed but they screwed up the order so the actual BROADBAND won’t be active for at least 5 days.  Ggrrrr! That leaves me struggling for another WOYWW session with the old system.  GGGRRRRR agan!)

So here we go.  I made a base from a ring of matboard and then printed this sheet of words.  It’s spaced so the cut strips can be added, wider spaces for the longer words and shorter ones for the small words.  All are 1 1/2 to 1 inch wide.

I left the sheets attached to the printer paper so I could score all the strips in one go, THEN peel them off the sheet to fold and collapse the rosettes.

I hoped the Merry Christmas on the red patterned paper would be clearer, and I may replace that with another one – so do test out your papers to make sure the words are clear enough for you!

Then I will attach them to the frame. Like so.

And just a close up so you can see a couple of them better:

Now I need to do 3 or 4 more to fill in the gaps, then tidy up and get the new project out.  And at some point I will carry one with my idea to fit the word strips to the TH rosette die, now I have it.  Oh there is nothing more frustrating than an idea delayed!  I missed about four crops in the last 8 weeks, at least two chances to get my mitts on that die, and it’s been making me crazy.  I feel certain it can be made to work – in fact someone commented on the YouTube show that same idea, so it’s not just me who thinks it’s a good one – but so much easier to deal with the die, the cuts themselves, and not just the measurements!

Bear with me while I play.

7 thoughts on “Rosette Wreath with word rosettes!

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  2. These are wonderful! I didn’t think I was ready to think about Christmas but you’re making me change my mind. 😉

  3. wow i loved this it looks very cute hugs linda

  4. You are the coolest, funniest blogger I have read all week! Oh, and I love your Youtube doodah video and project as well. You made a HUGE smile and fuzzy warm feeling in my thoughts today! Thanks so much for sharing your project and your walls down self !

  5. This turned out really nice! Great job!

  6. I read you everyday via email. I just had to come tell you how fabulous this is. Thanks for sharing!!!

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