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BIG CARDS – Six of Hearts

Yesterday we did a usual Sunday event.  We marinade 5 or 6 different things and BBQ meat for the week.  We did thick pork chops in BBQ sauce, Chicken in lime and mustard, sausages and burgers.  That gives us plenty of quick meals with less effort till the next weekend.  But while dishing up the plates I first had to lift the tin foil (damn the no-window-screens/living in a field/flies combo) and it CUT me.  Never had THAT happen before.  So this morning, as I await the re-scheduled BT appointment (2 hours left in the slot and counting….) I was contemplating the bandage on my finger and thinking about the tin foil and…

I added glue to the paper and brayered on the crumpled tin foil to give a good adhesion

I pounced on first Red Pepper alcohol ink, then a combo of some greens and blues over that.  No blending solution, to give a nice mottled effect.

I added some red paint thru a stencil.

The light from the window, reflecting off the foil, makes seeing the colour difficult,  If I hold the piece under the desk, away from the light, you can see it a bit better

Lastly, I coloured the letters with a Copic, thru a stencil. Red first, then outlined with black.  Tricky with the brush tip – one rare occasion when I wish I had a ProMarker with a fine bullet tip!


Interesting effect.  I’ve seen tin foil used for cards but never really played with it.  This is heavy-duty tin foil, on a roll, from Costco.  I wonder if it would be a reasonable substitute for the foil sheets from Ranger?  I’ll have to see how well the glue stick holds it all – it seems a good stick, but I’ve found glue stick loosens over time.  I’ll check it in a week and see if it’s still strong.

Now, where is that BT team??  I swear if they miss me again today I will be LIVID with rage…..