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Sunday-Someplace-Else (Uses for old magazines)

I came across this fab post on Always Chrysti’s blog for 100 ways to creatively re-use magazines.  So many great ideas.  The post is not a new one, just new to me!


There are a couple to highlight – first, how cute is this idea to make a “dolls house” out of an old catalog?  Quick and easy for a child to make and it might keep them busy for an hour or so over the summer.






The best one I saw, that tempts me so, is the junk mail blinds.  It’s complicated, and requires an existing set of blinds to complete, but the fact it greatly increases the light-blocking of standard blinds makes it pretty appealing.  And while the tutorial linked doesn’t seem to have photos (or at least they don’t display for me when I open the page) I did find an image of the same thing.  I am imagining something like this for DDs room, using up all those teen magazines that she insists on buying, flipping thru them once and then leaving them in heaps all over the house.  I’m thinking if I fold the magazine pages into junk-mail flyers sizes, then I might be able to accomplish the same thing – and it could be a fun project for us.  I think I need to read the instructions carefully and see if I can make sense of it without the photos.









And while we are on the topic of junk mail, how about this cool wall art from A Little Hut?


Have fun – I know I am bookmarking this for the future.