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Quickie printable

While I sit at my desk, awaiting both the fridge delivery and the kitchen-floor samples guy, both due to arrive at the SAME TIME ( due to the fridge delivery being early in the day – how rare is THAT? With a 7am to 7PM time slot I expected to still be waiting at dinnertime!)  I thought I would make a quick set of printables, because I am feeling rusty.  Just a set of four, called Bloom & Grow. I imagine then could be used for kids as well as garden-type pages.  I just added the little circles to fill the space, really – they punch with the standard 1″ punch and the wide border means they should work with a scallop punch of a similar size.  You can download them by clicking here.

The green, when *I* print it, is not so neon as it appears on MY monitor. It’s more celery.  But as ever, you may need to play around with it depending on your set up.

And now…is there anything more horrifying than the space below the fridge?  Perhaps under the oven LOL!  There is even a folk song about that one, which is called something like The Gap between the Counter and the Stove, but that could just be the line I remember. DH will know. Anyway, it needs cleaning and the fridge leveled and switched on.  Woo Hoo.  Now if the broadband guys actually arrive as promised on Monday I’ll be overjoyed!