A couple of layouts

I was MIA yesterday for a variety of reasons, which are all too boring to discuss.  Today, I am working on a number of things but they will all have to wait, being scheduled for the time we will be dropping DS back at Uni. So today I thought I would share a couple of layouts with you.  I don’t know why I don’t do that too often.  I still maintain scrapping is my first love and all the art journal stuff, the cards, the techniques…that stuff is all secondary.  But blogging is hard work some days, especially when there is so much else that needs doing – boring but necessary stuff that can’t be ignored.  And smaller projects are easier.  Sometimes, I whip thru a layout.  Sometimes it may sit on my desk for AGES before I feel I have truly finished it.  Often it’s all unstuck and every time I see it there I’ll shuffle stuff around, take something off, replace something, add more…. sometimes I am almost sick of looking at it and it takes a few weeks before I can be objective enough to even say if I like it or not!

I like these two well enough to share.

Both feature DS  – it’s hard to reconcile the big strapping lad I see with the chubby-cheeked sweetie he was at 8 or the teen of 15. I would love to have him at 2 for a day, then let him wake up back to 19.  I would love to crawl on the floor, playing with Thomas trains, and building dirt towns in the garden, and see that look in his eyes that told me I was the single most important person in his life (at least till Dad got home – and then I think Dad and Mom shared that role depending on the hour), that I knew EVERYTHING worth knowing, and a kiss and a cuddle from me could soothe almost any problem. I could read him Dr. Seuss, complete with funny voices, and we could sing the play-group songs, and get messy with paint (funny, I still do that but he has grown out of it LOL!) and blow bubbles and 100 other things that I remember with such nostalgia.  And then, when he was back to NOW, we could watch movies, talk about the books we are reading, he could explain his “spotlight” video editing, and I can teach him how to make his birthday gnocchi and share my latest project.  {sigh} Letting go, letting them grow up and away,  is hard.  Necessary, but still hard.