WOYWW 166 – furious!


Yes, WOYWWers, I am mad enough to SPIT. I dropped an email to the ISP to confirm my appointment to have the new line installed and guess what?  BT Openreach cancelled it.  They didn’t tell Spitfire, they didn’t tell me, they just were never going to show up.  ARRRGGGGHHHHH!

They offered an appointment on Friday but I can’t take that one, too many other things going on to ensure I can be home for a 4 hour block (each of the blocks on offer includes a 20 minute window when I have to either drop DD off at her summer club or pick her up) and DH isn’t available as a back up.  AAARRRGGGHHH again! What’s more if I did book it and slip off to drop off or pick up and they came at that time, THEY would charge ME for a missed appointment.  I am sorely tempted to find out the fee and send them a bill for my time.

So, because I expected there would be blokes crawling around under my desk drilling holes in the walls, there is precious little on my desk today.  Here’s my usual messy shot from Monday’s debris…






Bits and bobs for what I’ve been working on  (new stamps from Visible Image – loving them) or have finished up and not housed yet (Zombie Town and my BIG CARD from Monday) that all needed to be tidied away for the installation, and then…

…an even bigger mess when I found I had the day free and decided I will tackle the chaos of my masks and stencils and dragged them all out so I could see exactly what I was dealing with!

I’m going to whip thru that task and get those stamps back out and have a play.  I will be cursing under my breath the whole time, as I was hoping I wouldn’t have to deal with a lousy connection for another WOYWW.  AARRRGGGHHHHHHHHH!

Hope your WOYWW day is better than mine!

Oh and I see Julia has announced the dates for the Card Marathon.  Every year I am tempted by this, even though I am not really a cardmaker at heart, and every year I let it pass me by.  Will this be the year I actually manage to go?  Only time will tell……

32 thoughts on “WOYWW 166 – furious!

  1. Hoping everything has worked out with your provider. On the plus side, love that card and those stamps and stencils! Happy Belated WOYWW #128

  2. Such a bummer! I wish we could bill them for our time when they don’t make it on time, brilliant idea dear! 🙂 Love those Visible Image stamps…they look uber fun!
    Hope your lines get sorted very soon. 🙂
    Deeyll #125

  3. Oh no….I feel you frustration. Hate, hate when companies do this- as if your time isn’t important. Amazing how they will charge YOU though. I would call and ask for some sort of discount for your inconvenience!!!!

  4. Well “service” provided is a bit of a misnomer, isn’t it? Bugger. Hope you get it all stitched up soon, or contact an ombudsman’s office. Just have a diary of the disaster and it worries the little pets in the ISP company.
    The great playing card on the desk is interesting, and all the stencils which I’m learning more about at the moment.
    Ros. #16

  5. Oh drats. I absolutely HATE those four hour windows they give for cable, internet, etc….. you’d think they’d realize that that’s too much of a spread. I hope you get it all worked out soon.

    Today is my one year anniversary so blog candy will be offered up soon. I’m taking a poll so pop on over and give me your 2 cents!
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay #96

  6. Ugh, I hate it when you set the appointment and then they don’t come. My phone didn’t work so I set an appointment. Then the CALLED to confirm, but of course my phone didn’t work so I didn’t get the confirmation. I got lucky and the guy came anyway since he was in the area. Usually they won’t come if you don’t confirm but I didn’t have a phone to confirm with! What the heck! So frustrating!

    You sure have a lot of stencils. Love your projects on your desk.
    Judy 113

  7. That’s so frustrating for you. Even now I am retired and have a bit more time, I still get mad when people let me down. I hope they offer you a slot you can use soon.
    I have blog candy on offer, so feel free to sign up for a chance to win.
    Kate #25

  8. It is similar when you get somewhere for an appointment and then kept waiting. If you roll in 20 mins late, all hell would break loose… tis the Law of Sod. Go on, charge BT for your time. You probably won’t get anywhere but it might make them realise!!

    Oh go on, come to the marathon – I’m being Lunch Lady jan that day!!

    Hugs, LLJ #13 xx

  9. Glad you got that heave off your chest, Mary Anne! That always makes me feel better at least. And I think tearing into your goodies and have a good clean and reorg is brilliant for offsetting the frustration and stress you’re in. It’s the loss of control that tops it, so being in control of your craft supplies will make you feel less stressed. I hope you finally get it all sorted out soon and have a lovely week! Darnell #102

  10. We eventually broke down and got cable for our internet and phone, no problems since then and AT&T can go and stick their shoddy service!! Love the desk though, at least you made the best of the suddenly available day.

    Brenda 38
    PS. Never realised just how big those playing cards were that you’ve been making!

  11. Sounds like you could be living in Cape Town…I would so be tempted to send them a bill…LOL Love all those clear stamps and the stencils look fabulous too.

  12. What a nightmare! Hope you get it all sorted soon. Take care & enjoy snooping this week. Zo xx 77

  13. Love your big giant card!
    Sorry for the frustration. I wouldn’t blame you for sending them a bill!
    When companies give us a four hour window here, they are supposed to call us when they are on their way. So we have time to get back. I have had them do this when having to drop my kids off or pick up from school.
    I wonder if you could get them to do that.
    But if they would charge you for a missed appointment, then they don’t seem that accommodating.
    Mary Jo #74

  14. I would be hopping mad too! Sounds like you live over here in Africa from that story, but it does feel good that we are not the only ones in the world that have to deal with broken promises.
    Happy sorting and hopefully by next Wednesday this will only be a bad memory.
    Happy WOYWW
    Tertia 86

  15. Sorry to hear of all the hassle. Thanks for sharing your workspace. Hope you have a good week. Hazel WOYWW #99 x

  16. Oh dear, as if it wasn’t bad enough that you are having problems with your Internet connection but BT have to make things even worse !!! However, your desk looks interesting no matter what you are doing – the stamps look useful as do the stencils. Happy WOYWW to you and I hope you have an enjoyable week. Elizabeth x #18

  17. Sorry about your canceled appointment. It’s such a pain. But looking at the positive, you got to play with lots of fun stuff. Hope it gets straightened out soon. Lisa DV #86

  18. Sorry you’ve had problems with BT. My husband has worked for them for over twenty-five years (Operate, not Openreach, I hasten to add…) and they’ve still managed to make a hash of it every time we’ve moved / upgraded / changed service at all… It seems no one is immune! Your playing cards look fab, by the way. And I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with the gorgeous stamps! Hugs, Becki (79) xx

  19. Love your playing cards… poop about you being messed about by ISP… lets hope its sorted soon.. Have a fun week, Hugs May x x x#40

  20. I love your big playing cards. hope all the issues get fixed. how do you organize your stencils and masks I have a huge collection and so far I’ve been putting them in a small scrapbook but need a bigger one or a better way to store. have a great day!

  21. Looks like the ISP people are the same the world over. Never let you know what they’re doing but if you dare not to be there, they charge you!! Hope it gets sorted really soon. Great load of goodies spread out on your desk, like that big card.
    Have a great week.
    Von #17

  22. Sorry to hear of your appointment woes! If it isn’t one thing…it’s 73! Good luck…
    Glenda 55

  23. Oh how frustrating for you, I hate company’s that mess you about like that, I hope you manage to sort something soon.
    Cool offerings on the desk, not heard of that stamp company, looks interesting, will have to investigate lol
    Hugz Minxy #50

  24. Those telephone people can be so annoying. We ended up changing from BT to Talk talk a few years ago, but BT still own the line so your stuck with them when something goes wrong. Hope you get sorted soon.
    Bernice #47

  25. Grrr isn’t the Internet great when it works and pants when it doesn’t.

    Happy woyww,

    Rebecca #40

  26. I really like your big playing card, the background is beautiful.
    Off to explore Visible Image as not heard of them before and they clearly (sorry for the pun) have things I need.

    Happy WOYWW.
    Ann B

  27. so sorry you’re having internet probs! soooo annoying! great to see your busy desk, though 🙂
    happy WOYWW!!
    no. 11

  28. so you are less than pleased with the telephone line situation, can’t say I blame you, these things are so frustrating!!
    I see that you have some Visible Image stamps on your desk. I have just become one of their design team so am looking forward to creating something for them.
    Hope you get your problems sorted
    X Julie (paperpathway) 15

  29. Argh… about you ask a friend to come over and sit in your house during that 20 minute window….there aren’t many people who wouldn’t just sit and gaze around your room………
    But argh..yep. I wonder if you hadn’t rung, if anyone would have let you know….
    How many stencils?! I confess to having got rid of most of the brass ones,but actually, if I were to gather them, I suspect I’d have a small pile of them too, and largely unused. Hmmm.
    Yep, big (but small) issues with me and blogger today…Mr Linky bless him, as before, totally there but totally invisible. It doesn’t help does it!

  30. Internet troubles are the pits! Hope you get it sorted soon. Love the desk though… Helen, 4

  31. I thought I’d get a head start on my desk hopping even though Mr Linky has gone AWOL.
    But you sound like you’re having the same trouble as me …I’ve been waiting for a delivery for four months (a long story) and yesterday they attempted to deliver…but guess what they did right when I’d nipped out for a matter of five minutes no less…I’d even left a note on the door saying I’d be back but if they missed me could they leave it….you guessed it ….more than they’re jobs worth! So I now have to find the PO and collect the mammoth parcel myself!!! GRRRR indeed.
    Anyway….(deep breath)…back to the desk….you’ve got some wonderful stash there and once the men have crawled under your desk I’m sure you’ll be having some much needed fun time.
    Apologies for my rant but I couldn’t help it when I felt your pain! ;D
    Neesie (no number as yet)

  32. I was going to ask how large that card was, then saw your response. Sorry to read about your problem with your ISP. They should reimburse you for the time you spent waiting, but I suspect they never will. Sorry, no number but here’s my post:

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