WOYWW 166 – furious!

Yes, WOYWWers, I am mad enough to SPIT. I dropped an email to the ISP to confirm my appointment to have the new line installed and guess what?  BT Openreach cancelled it.  They didn’t tell Spitfire, they didn’t tell me, they just were never going to show up.  ARRRGGGGHHHHH!

They offered an appointment on Friday but I can’t take that one, too many other things going on to ensure I can be home for a 4 hour block (each of the blocks on offer includes a 20 minute window when I have to either drop DD off at her summer club or pick her up) and DH isn’t available as a back up.  AAARRRGGGHHH again! What’s more if I did book it and slip off to drop off or pick up and they came at that time, THEY would charge ME for a missed appointment.  I am sorely tempted to find out the fee and send them a bill for my time.

So, because I expected there would be blokes crawling around under my desk drilling holes in the walls, there is precious little on my desk today.  Here’s my usual messy shot from Monday’s debris…






Bits and bobs for what I’ve been working on  (new stamps from Visible Image – loving them) or have finished up and not housed yet (Zombie Town and my BIG CARD from Monday) that all needed to be tidied away for the installation, and then…

…an even bigger mess when I found I had the day free and decided I will tackle the chaos of my masks and stencils and dragged them all out so I could see exactly what I was dealing with!

I’m going to whip thru that task and get those stamps back out and have a play.  I will be cursing under my breath the whole time, as I was hoping I wouldn’t have to deal with a lousy connection for another WOYWW.  AARRRGGGHHHHHHHHH!

Hope your WOYWW day is better than mine!

Oh and I see Julia has announced the dates for the Card Marathon.  Every year I am tempted by this, even though I am not really a cardmaker at heart, and every year I let it pass me by.  Will this be the year I actually manage to go?  Only time will tell……