Cliff House sample

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I’m preparing for my new line install so my office needs a LOT of attention if I’m going to have BT guys crawling around the walls.  But I wanted to add this little sample for you – it’s the Cliff House from Ravens Blight.  A couple of things – first, I wasn’t happy with the colour as it printed on my printer.  It’s more of a gold-brown (or more accurately brown-gold) than yellow.  I think if I were going to print it again to use as is, which you might do if making this with the kids rather than embellishing it more scrappy-stylee, then I would open it in Photoshop and do a one-page print to check the colour and tweak it lighter and brighter.  I did print it only as a straight print from Preview, rather than Vivid colour or High quality, so that might have been part of it.

You can see it size-wise against Zombie Town here:

I did a couple of extra things, like inking most of the edges with Black Soot, just to take away the white paper edges.  Also, I mounted the cliff base on black card first – just the elements, not the tabs, to give it more stability.  I would say that was a good call, although the house is just Text&Graphics weight card from Staples (160 GSM) and it’s pretty sturdy as is.  I would say it was easy to assemble, with not many tricky bits (sticking the chimney and porch on you do need to slip something up inside to brace it as you push to adhere)  and you do need to take care with the cutting and scoring/creasing to match things up accurately, but I would guess a 10 YO could manage it.

From the back:



So my next attempt would be printing the templates then cutting them from plain card that can be inked and stamped.  Not sure if I’ll do that immediately or have a go at one of the ships first!  I LOVE them.

Now lunch and more cleaning.  Ugh.

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