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BIG CARDS – 5 of Hearts

Well, after running around like a headless chicken all day trying to source and arrange delivery of a replacement fridge freezer, while everything was defrosting at home (and after discovering it was the motherboard that was the problem and that was over £250 to replace!) I managed to finish off my BIG CARD for the day in about 20 minutes.

This morning, while awaiting the repair bloke,  I brayered on some reds and purples, very patchy and random.












Then I thought I would see if I could sponge glue stick glue thru a template and foil it.  I could, and did. I put a glob of glue on a scrap of card, and sponged it thru with a make up sponge.

I et it dry to just tacky, then laid over the foil.  I burnished it with both a brayer (too little pressure) and with my bone folder (better, but sometimes too sharp pressure as I got some of the foil adhering to the paint – maybe it was a little damp in those areas.)

A bit more sponging of Lumiere red-gold, some white paint drips, some stamped-with-a-bottle lid circles and red letters and it was done.

Funny, the blue circles and the red ones, side-by-side at the top almost seem to make a heart! Can you see it?

Now I just have to stash all the food in coolers with multiple bags of ice until we can eat our way thru it.  The oldest thing I threw away was some Branston Pickle that was WELL past it’s sell by date.  Tonight, we feast on steak and shrimp, before it goes off….