Zombie Town Houses – done!

Here is my second of the little houses.  I love this one.  But OMG – some of those digital stamps are no bigger than a postage stamp and were difficult to colour with the Copics!  Not a lot of room for shading and the little checkered frames?  Nightmare. The barest touch of the tip was almost more than was needed.  I am really pleased with it, tho’, and it will make me smile when I see it on my shelf.

The googly eyes are my nod to eyebombing.  Love that. You can’t see it at all in the photos but the bat wings are sparkly and some of the little windows are recessed – a photo of that later. The pink skellie is straighter than it looks in the photo!

I had planned on doing a whole row of the skellies all along the bottom edge of the houses but they were so small that it was impossible to colour them in.  I had the idea to “colour” them digitally then print them, and that might have worked OK, but in the end I settled for making them bigger and adding them in a couple of places rather than all around.

Here you can see the recessed area and below the eyes inside.

And just cause you might like to see how it all slots together, a shot looking down into the it from above.

The book is protected by copyright so I am sorry I can’t share the templates.  I would say seek out a copy if you like the idea. Now I’ve made two of them and have a better idea of how it works, I may have a go at making my own template – but I’m not sure my math skills are up to that so no telling when I might be able to devote the time to it.

I’ll just add the WIP Monday link to this so I can share.

Now, what’s next?  no idea at this point but looking forward to it, whatever it is!