Steampunk Castle

Well, progress has been made.  I am not 100% sure I am done with this – sometimes I like the black areas, sometimes I want to cover them, and somewhere I have a little stash of gears that I want to add but I can’t seem to find them!

But I thought I would add where I am so far just to share.

I quite like the little birdie:

And “porthole man”:

But not entirely happy with  the docked balloon.  I really wanted to cut away all the bit around the ropes but it would have been too unstable.  I added some thread but not sure if it helped or not.  Maybe making the background more like the brown behind?

The book is called One Piece of Card by George Aspden.  I got my copy, after seeing the birds Efemera made from the book, from Alibris.  It’s got loads of templates in it and I simply scanned the page and printed it (then resized it to more A3 size than A4 so it is actually just under 12 inches tall (with the turn key added to the top).  It was fun.  I may make another 🙂