WOYWW 165 – little castle

Hello to you!  It’s WOYWW day.  I had the remnants of my “word rosettes” card on my desk at 2pm – by 3 pm it was all neat and tidy with my project for today ready and waiting.

I mounted both full plates of stamps – something like 50 stamps in the end – and plan on using them to decorate the castle.  The smaller one is the template from the book, the bigger one is after I scanned it and re-sized it.  It should be fun.  It’ll be very steampunk, as the stamp images are.  It’s not for anything or any reason in particular except that I have been wanting to make this since I got the book a year or so back.

Last week I had an non-existent  WOYWW showing but this week I am hoping and praying that with the dawn of a new month my internet will cooperate  I just need to hold on till the 8th when my new dedicated line gets installed!  Frankly, as we were something like 19 gigabytes over the allowed 40 gig last month and online for 726 hours out of the month (I checked – the month had 744 hours in it,  How is it possible I was offline for 18 hours?  LOL!)  I say again – how the heck can they dare claim “Unlimited” broadband when it is, in fact, limited? I’m surprised I was able to do anything at all.  Fingers crossed!