Word rosettes? worth the time?


Super quick today – I have been playing around with adding words to folded rosettes.  The thing is, it’s hard to get it precise, as in such tiny increments, the barest smidge of  difference in the scoring and folding gets magnified with each subsequent fold.  So I wonder is it REALLY worth the effort? What do you think?  Cool idea or a waste of time?

One with the word around the edge, one with the words along the folds:

The B&W one is just on printer paper – no point in wasting good paper if I didn’t like it LOL!  Actually, that one is the one I like best. Might look cute on a card.

Maybe I’ll play some more, maybe I’ll abandon it.  Who knows…..

11 thoughts on “Word rosettes? worth the time?

  1. I like that Happy Birthday one best

  2. Both look good but I like the round edge one better. I like the way it looks, like it fills in the top part of the circle and it outlines the top of the circle. I don’t know if I explained it well, but to me it looks better. 🙂

  3. Love both of them and would use them !

  4. Will you share your file? Pretty please with words on top! Love them both!

    • I will, although there are some issues which I will explain 🙂

      I thought I might make a full sheet of different words so you can print and cut strips to make a few, as well as explain how I did it so you can do your own words. I’m not sure if I can share a file that would be editable in PSE for example, but I’ll have a play with it and it I have time share later today.

      Glad you like them 🙂

      Mary Anne

  5. Both very cool, but I like the round the edge one best!

  6. You are to patient! Actually I prefer the ’round the edge’ version, but only because I do. Probably because it might be a smidge easier?!!

  7. I love them both!!

  8. Yes, they sure are worth the time. I like both. How do you get them so precise?
    Nancy Jr

    • It wasn’t that hard, really. The trick was typing the words, then spacing them by turning on the 1/4 inch grid. Since I use the MS scoring board and a 1/4 spacing on the score lines I just lined them up and printed. The edge-one was easier, but I think the words don’t look very precise, dipping into the scoring lines – and there was no WAY I was going to fiddle about with the text to space in the grid to make it more legible – if it even worked 🙂

      Foe that one I just print the strip of text, trim and score. Easy peasy 🙂


  9. Such a cool idea. I, too, like the black and white one. I would use this for sure.

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