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Messy or Clean printables

I was pondering my fascination with sequential photos for WOYWW – my desk a mess then clean and tidy.  Thinking back, I seem to have a lot of photos of things first a mess, then showing the accomplishment of making it neat – and that goes for everything from my desk to my kids!  I also have a lot of “messy” photos, especially from back when they were more into paint play, mud, chocolate, etc.

So while I had a minute or two I made these printables.  A couple of different colourways, so hopefully they will be varied enough for anyone who wants to use them – and obviously you can alter the colours easily to fit your needs with PSE or the like.

There is also a 4 x 6 block with both of these together – I figure you could use them for Project Life pages and add a couple of arrows pointing the way. The other ones are only the 3 x 4 blocks, but as you can see you could easily trim them inside the lines, then group them on a piece of 4 6 cardstock to get the same effect.

Funny but while I am not a  fan of Keith Lemon, I do recall seeing him say “bang tidy” at some point (a commercial, on one of those clip shows, who knows?) and then seemed like I heard it a lot more, in other places.  I  was seriously tempted to use that for the “clean” side, cause it sounds cute – if I didn’t know what it REALLY meant LOL!  THAT would be a printable for another day, I think…..or … maybe not.