Steampunk card

I did manage to get a large number of stamps mounted, despite being quite busy with household things – and today looks to be much the same.  My internet is S L O W (roll on 8th August, when my new line gets installed!)  I’m awaiting a delivery of printer ink, and a visitor with flooring samples.  But I had to grab a little bit of time to see if the mounting job was good enough. My desk is back to a mess, who’s surprised? See?  I really and truly did mount those stamps.  Well done, me!

Doffing my hat to Julia, I used “7 shades of wee” Distress inks.  Overall I like how it turned out.  A quote from The Difference Engine (could it be that was the first appearance of “steampunk” ever?) which is perfect, as I am a font-fanatic.  I’m still trying to visualize a use for another favorite font quote, from Chuck “working on my 5-year plan.  Just need to pick a font” but this one fit the images so perfectly.

I think the hat could be slightly lower on his head, but otherwise the masking and stamping directly onto the card front worked pretty well.  Usually I avoid that, preferring to cut things out and layer them, but I do need to practice that skill.  I wish there WAS a font called Engine Gothic (and I did look) but clearly that was as fictitious as the machines in the book!  Ah well…..

I did just have to pop back to add that it really is 80-point, that font, and actually called Crown Title.