WOYWW 164 – chaos and clean, again


Well, at about 4pm yesterday, when I was finally done with my card, I took a look around and though OMG!  I mean, I know the WOYWW crowd likes messy as much as tidy, but this was ridiculous. No matter where I turned it was chaos – my desk, with my just completed card on it (look back one post to see it more fully):

My side table:

My floor:

Then, by 8PM, it was all a lot better – and I began attacking my unmounted stamps.  I caught WOYWW-er Lindsay’s mounting-stamps video, and it gave me the kick I needed to actually start and reminded me I actually have a bottle of Tack it!

So that is what is on my W today – and hopefully much progress will be made by the end of the day. I have some packing to do for those in the family who are heading off to WOMAD this weekend and am as yet undecided regarding DDs usual Wednesday skating (but oh with the heat the thought of 45 minutes in a nice cool ice rink sounds heavenly!) but I should have SOME time to make progress.

Oh and because I just KNOW you think I simply shoved everything out of the way….

and yes, I even hoovered…

40 thoughts on “WOYWW 164 – chaos and clean, again

  1. happy WOYWW! well that’s the way it always is for me, clean then chaos then back to clean again! i have a very small space so sometimes it is really chaotic!
    thank you for sharing!
    peggy aplSEEDS

  2. ooh so much lovely stuff on your desk! Spellbinders, masks, and fabby stamps – I want to play! By the way, what is Hoovering??!!! Have a good and creative week xx #44

    • I am not sure if your question is real or if it’s like me when people say “I have to iron” and I say “Iron? what is this strange term you speak of?” 🙂 I forget when I adopted hoovering over “vacuuming” – maybe after about 10 years? It’s a bit like “kleenex” getting used in the States as a substitute for “tissue”
      Hoover was, I guess, the most popular brand of vacuum so it became the verb. Hoovering = Vacuuming.

      Mary Anne


  3. I so relate to this posting. Love it!

  4. Haha I get this way on project life days. By the time my fiance comes home there bits of paper, stamps, embellishments, etc all over our room. My desk, the floor, and our bed! I think its my favorite part of the day when i stand up – covered in bits of paper – and witness my craft mess. It makes me feel like I actually did some work! But then after a quick clean up it really is nice to see everything back in its place again. Nice job on the clean up!

  5. Heavens to Betsy!! Hoovering?? That’s above and beyond the call of duty!! Still, needs must sometimes 🙂 The tidying was worth it!!
    Hugs, LLJ #28 xx

  6. You have lots of drawers and boxes with labels on, oh and you can see your floor – that means you are organised not messy.

    ** Kate **

  7. Messy means you’ve actually got some work done!! 🙂 I was making some Christmas cards last week and could not find a clear small rubber stamp. I cleaned up, searched high and low. no luck. Than the other day I was cleaning a stamp with my stamp pad cleaner and my finger felt something underneath the cleaner and lo and behold…it was stuck to the bottom!!! LOL.

  8. Hoovering???? really? What’s that? lol!!! Happy woyww! Trish #55

  9. Great views! I love the birds eye view shot. dani #110

  10. Pretty card!
    It feels so good to have a nice clean space to work in, doesn’t it? 🙂
    Mary Jo #96

  11. Turquoise seems to be the in colour right now, I used it on Sunday and I’m using it again, Di has it on her desk and now you too! I’m impressed with the hoovering, wanna come and do mine too? I don’t have very many unmounted stamps but always wonder if they need that extra cushion to stamp well or if I could just stick them to my block. I see Bernice does that so might give that a go with the next unmounted set I get.

    Brenda 86

  12. A creative mess is always much better than idle tidiness! I don’t actually bother to mount unmounted stamps anymore – I just put ‘Tack and Peel’ on my acrylic blocks and you can then use the stamps directly on the block – the lazy way to do it I suppose!
    Bernice #74

  13. or even look of!

  14. I want to come and play! There is so much there I love the look at!

    Jakix #72

  15. I think that when everything is covered with crafting products much creating is going on. I am glad to see that I am not the only one with the tv tables in the craft room for extra space. #81

  16. Imlove the contrast between the productive (ahem) and tidy/organised.

    Happy woyww

    Rebecca #62

  17. Everything looks so nice and tidy! Love all your storage and have gotten some wonderful ideas! Thanks for the link about mounting stamps. I also got an idea from the video! Glenda 71

  18. The fact is that you can’t create without making a mess … it’s the law of crafting. Isn’t it lovely though to clear it all away and be ready to start again 🙂 Those stamps look super. Happy WOYWW, Elizabeth x #24

  19. LOVE those stamps laying there. looks busy there and I see some of my favorite tools there too have a great day

  20. oh goodness there is a ‘right way’ to mount unmounteds? the stuff I learn visiting these wonderful desks, right I’m off to check out the vid, love the messy desk best btw…

    dx @ 65

  21. I for one don’t think it looks too bad. I am impressed with the hoovering in our honor. I will be hoovering soon, with a stocking over the hosepipe, if I don’t find my errant pearls!

  22. Messy desk mean creativtiy is happening, love the tidy up but I am worried about the hoovering, that is taking it a bit far and domesticated. LOL

    Happy crafting.
    Eliza #16

  23. Even hoovered! The epitomy of virtue. You did indeed do justice to the whole business of an honest tidy-up. Do enjoy the new mess. I love your desk either way.
    Take care,
    Ros. #19

  24. The desk looks great! Gorgeous stamps there!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tuire #49

  25. Nothing like a good clear up to make a person feel good.I’ve been tossing out lots.Gee it makes you feel so FREE!!!

  26. Wow, that was some serious crafty mess! Good job getting it all cleaned up.
    Aeryn @ #27

  27. Oh nice tidy up, you have put me to shame now, but I don’t use the floor, too far to reach! Going to go over and have a look at that video, I always end up in a sticky mess. …Happy WOYWW, Anne x #21

  28. All cleaned up ready to make another creative mess. I’ve got so stamps that need mounting. Happy crafting jill#32

  29. I am so not showing you any part of my studio outside of todays shot…LOL

  30. Ha ha lovely peek at your messy and tidy workspace! Glad you proved you hadn’t just popped everything to one side!!! Your drawer units look really practical for stamp storage and I like your ink pad storage too. Happy WOYWW! Victoria no.25

  31. fabulous clean up…. I have some stamps waiting to be mounted… thanks for the inspiration… Have a great week.. Hugs May x x x#11

  32. Oh well done on the tidy up! something I so must do – love the card too. Thanks for sharing – Sunshine Girl #1

  33. I lve the coloured ribbons, a yummy colour ..those stamps look fab, I have one set but not mounted yet…happy stamping! Trace x 9

  34. I confess, I did wonder if it was all teetering on the satellite table….makes me smile to see you using extra surface in such form. And the floor – oh lordy I never use the floor..too far to bend! Love what you’ve been doing the past few weeks…my radio silence isn’t intentional, honest!

  35. Fantastic tidy up.
    Elaine #10

  36. Great desk – even before it looks better than mine! And as for hoovering… Happy WOYWW, Helen #6

  37. A messy desk is always a good sign in my book it means the muse is turned on and the creations are happening! Thanks so much for the peek! Happy WOYWW! Robin Panzer Art Studio 33

  38. thanks for the link and really your room was not that bad…if you can find your scissors it isn’t really messy, I know I need to clean when I can’t find any of my strait scissors LOL! Happy WOYWW!

  39. Oh, my – now I don’t feel so bad 😀 Great job on the clean up, too!

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