WOYWW 164 – chaos and clean, again

Well, at about 4pm yesterday, when I was finally done with my card, I took a look around and though OMG!  I mean, I know the WOYWW crowd likes messy as much as tidy, but this was ridiculous. No matter where I turned it was chaos – my desk, with my just completed card on it (look back one post to see it more fully):

My side table:

My floor:

Then, by 8PM, it was all a lot better – and I began attacking my unmounted stamps.  I caught WOYWW-er Lindsay’s mounting-stamps video, and it gave me the kick I needed to actually start and reminded me I actually have a bottle of Tack it!

So that is what is on my W today – and hopefully much progress will be made by the end of the day. I have some packing to do for those in the family who are heading off to WOMAD this weekend and am as yet undecided regarding DDs usual Wednesday skating (but oh with the heat the thought of 45 minutes in a nice cool ice rink sounds heavenly!) but I should have SOME time to make progress.

Oh and because I just KNOW you think I simply shoved everything out of the way….

and yes, I even hoovered…