No-cross-strip hidden waterfall card

I had it in my head to make a waterfall card to fit a 5 x 5 inch card blank.  I also wanted to try making one without the cross-strip that contains the pull-tab.   Here it is – very late in the day but I’ve been busy and (after weeks and weeks of cold rainy weather) it SO HOT now.

The front of the card is embossed then misted with a pale blue chalk spray.  The quote if from Albert Einstein, and apply to my Mom very well as she is always on the go!

As it flips:

Of course there is plenty of room to sign etc. inside the card.  Oddly, unlike the rectangular ones, this one seems to need no counterbalance – it stands just fine.

In order to avoid the cross-strip, all I did was add thin-ish foam squares to the sides of the diamond, either side of the tab, after sticking the centre of the diamond to the tab, as you do with standard waterfalls. Hard to see, but maybe the photo will help?

That MIGHT be me done with waterfalls. Not sure what I will become obsessed with next – maybe Cal’s cool bags from her THursday Technique on UKS?  I am sure liking the looks of them…..