BIG CARDS – Three of Hearts3hearts.jpg


What a day!  Two different workers come to sort things out, plus DD has a long appointment for a new foot splint What fun – and all on a Monday!

But I still managed to quickly do my BIG CARD. I’ve been playing about with sort of metal/patina effects.  I love the look but find it hard to achieve.  I think it might require a lighter touch than I have.  Not sure.

Here is what I did – I’m happy with the finished product so it may just be a case of making more samples to refine the technique. Looks a mess, doesn’t it?  I brayered on som red paint, letting the brayer stick to the paper a bit so it ripped off some areas.

It was random enough that I thought I could make use of the lighter patches to highlight the other colours.

I stippled on some gold paint, and some Cosmic Shimmer mists.  Then I stippled on some copper ink and added a few embossing powders, both for colour and texture.

I got this in the end:

I covered some random chipboard letters with the copper ink and embossed them with the Rust Tapestry powder, then stippled a bit of red and gold over, very lightly.

And here is the card:

I hope it looks to you like it does to me in real life – a bit like an old weathered and slight corroded/rusted piece of metal.  I particularly like the look of the letters.

I do think the lighter areas really helped, and the rough, ripped surface of the paper adds another neat texture to it all.  I feared it might make the paper too thin but with the card at the back it’s fine.  Def. something to experiment more with!


2 thoughts on “BIG CARDS – Three of Hearts3hearts.jpg

  1. Love the effect!

  2. I really like how this turned out!

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