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Sunday-someplace-else (Waterfall cards)

You know I am into waterfall cards lately.  I was working yesterday on a diamond-shaped one and, as is my habit, I went trolling across the net, to see if my idea was truly unique or had been done to death already.  Not done to death, certainly, but I did find this site that had a few interesting variations.  Not “hidden” waterfalls but there was one with diamonds that is very pretty.

Most interesting is the fact that Suzanne already tried something that I considered, especially for the diamond one, that involves trimming the top of the pull-tab so it matches the shape added.  I wasn’t sure it would work, as I felt it might make the pull tab too unstable, but she shows that it DOES work. Her photo showing the trim on an oval waterfall.

I may try this on the diamond one and see how it works.  I have a few other things I want to experiment with before I stop and move on to a new obsession LOL!

Check out her site and samples.  She’s a UK person and designs for Joanna Sheen. so my already be known to you but this is the first time I stumbled across her.  She has a page of tutorials here  that I want to delve into a little more as there are a handful that (from the titles) sound QI (“quite interesting”, to any non-UK.non-Stephen Fry fan readers)

I just had to pop back to add this.  I was flicking thru the Sunday Times and see that my fave band, The Alabama Shakes, are being hailed as the “world’s greatest new band.”  We stumbled across them on YouTube and looked for an album but they hadn’t released one yet.  It came out, I bought it, and love it.  You may too, if you like old blues, Stax/Volt, and Janis Joplin (or as The Times says, Janis Joplin via Mavis Staples. )  Have a listen: