Tutorial for the Hidden Waterfall Card

I might have rushed this a little as it is DDs last day of school for the year and I needed to finish it before she gets back from her 1/2 day.  Please forgive me any slight spelling or typing errors – I think any measurements are OK.

If you want to watch the YouTube slideshow (which uses the same stills as the PDF) you can do so here.  But I think the PDF is much clearer. (this is the correct PDF now)

I’ve used this card as the basis

I’ve added the page with the sentiment (from The Children’s Hour by Longfellow) and included both the ringed version and an un-ringed version.  My rings are orange and that just may not work for your card.

Now I did this PDF a different way.  It is based on an A4 paper size, so if using US letter, do tick scale-to-fit.  The sentiment will be ever so slightly smaller but frankly it isn’t anything special.  The font is Ajile so you can make your own to fit.

I’ll add this to the sidebar maybe later or over the weekend.  If you make one do comment with a link so I can see it!
Have fun.